Merced High Back Arm Chair

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Amici Denim - What A Room Amici Denim
Amici Ivory - What A Room Amici Ivory
Amici Moss - What A Room Amici Moss
Amici Pear - What A Room Amici Pear
Amici Smoke - What A Room Amici Smoke
Ashford Cement - What A Room Ashford Cement
Ashford Cream - What A Room Ashford Cream
Ashford Flax - What A Room Ashford Flax
Ashford Midnight - What A Room Ashford Midnight
Ashford Onyx Ashford Onyx
Bahama Natural Bahama Natural
Bahama Oatmeal Bahama Oatmeal
Bella Agave - What A Room Bella Agave
Bella Apple - What A Room Bella Apple
Bella Ash - What A Room Bella Ash
Bella Asphalt - What A Room Bella Asphalt
Bella Aubergine - What A Room Bella Aubergine
Bella Beach - What A Room Bella Beach
Bella Bone - What A Room Bella Bone
Bella Buckwheat - What A Room Bella Buckwheat
Bella Cement - What A Room Bella Cement
Bella Coffee - What A Room Bella Coffee
Bella Cognac Bella Cognac
Bella Cornflower - What A Room Bella Cornflower
Bella Curry Bella Curry
Bella Dove - What A Room Bella Dove
Bella Espresso - What A Room Bella Espresso
Bella Granite - What A Room Bella Granite
Bella Grape Bella Grape
Bella Grey - What A Room Bella Grey
Bella Hunter - What A Room Bella Hunter
Bella Ink - What A Room Bella Ink
Bella Lagoon - What A Room Bella Lagoon
Bella Midnight - What A Room Bella Midnight
Bella Mocha - What A Room Bella Mocha
Bella Moss Bella Moss
Bella Navy - What A Room Bella Navy
Bella Otter - What A Room Bella Otter
Bella Otter Bella Otter
Bella Pewter - What A Room Bella Pewter
Bella Rose Bella Rose
Bella Shadow - What A Room Bella Shadow
Bella Skylight - What A Room Bella Skylight
Bella Slate - What A Room Bella Slate
Bella Smoke - What A Room Bella Smoke
Bella Steel - What A Room Bella Steel
Bella Thunder - What A Room Bella Thunder
Bella White - What A Room Bella White
Bennett Almond - What A Room Bennett Almond
Bennett Black - What A Room Bennett Black
Bennett Celadon Bennett Celadon
Bennett Charcoal - What A Room Bennett Charcoal
Bennett Denim - What A Room Bennett Denim
Bennett Dove - What A Room Bennett Dove
Bennett Indigo - What A Room Bennett Indigo
Bennett Ink - What A Room Bennett Ink
Bennett Moon - What A Room Bennett Moon
Bennett Peacock - What A Room Bennett Peacock
Bennett Praline Bennett Praline
Bennett Red Bennett Red
Bennett Timber Bennett Timber
Bennett Vapor Bennett Vapor
Bermuda Flax Bermuda Flax
Bermuda Grey Bermuda Grey
Bermuda Navy Bermuda Navy
Bliss Charcoal - What A Room Bliss Charcoal
Bliss Dove - What A Room Bliss Dove
Bliss Ivory Bliss Ivory
Bliss Midnight Bliss Midnight
Bliss Parchment - What A Room Bliss Parchment
Bonterra Charcoal - What A Room Bonterra Charcoal
Bonterra Dove - What A Room Bonterra Dove
Bonterra Sand - What A Room Bonterra Sand
Bradley Cream - What A Room Bradley Cream
Bradley Pewter - What A Room Bradley Pewter
Clarkson Capri - What A Room Clarkson Capri
Clarkson Gold - What A Room Clarkson Gold
Clarkson Granite - What A Room Clarkson Granite
Clarkson Grey - What A Room Clarkson Grey
Clarkson Indigo - What A Room Clarkson Indigo
Clarkson Khaki - What A Room Clarkson Khaki
Clarkson Sand Clarkson Sand
Clarkson Stone - What A Room Clarkson Stone
Contessa Charcoal - What A Room Contessa Charcoal
Contessa Dove - What A Room Contessa Dove
Contessa Dusk - What A Room Contessa Dusk
Contessa Ebony - What A Room Contessa Ebony
Contessa Ginger - What A Room Contessa Ginger
Contessa Ivory - What A Room Contessa Ivory
Contessa Java - What A Room Contessa Java
Contessa Khaki - What A Room Contessa Khaki
Contessa Midnight - What A Room Contessa Midnight
Contessa Oyster - What A Room Contessa Oyster
Contessa Paprika - What A Room Contessa Paprika
Contessa Peacock - What A Room Contessa Peacock
Contessa Ruby - What A Room Contessa Ruby
Contessa Taupe - What A Room Contessa Taupe
Contessa Vanilla - What A Room Contessa Vanilla
Dalton Charcoal - What A Room Dalton Charcoal
Dalton Graphite - What A Room Dalton Graphite
Dalton Mocha - What A Room Dalton Mocha
Dalton Praline - What A Room Dalton Praline
Dalton Sand - What A Room Dalton Sand
Dalton Stone - What A Room Dalton Stone
Dalton Toffee - What A Room Dalton Toffee
Delux II Oyster - What A Room Deluxe II Oyster
Devon Heather - What A Room Devon Heather
Devon Mouse - What A Room Devon Mouse
Devon Pewter - What A Room Devon Pewter
Devon Platinum - What A Room Devon Platinum
Devon Sand - What A Room Devon Sand
Donnelly Graphite - What A Room Donnelly Graphite
Donnelly Navy - What A Room Donnelly Navy
Donnelly Ocean - What A Room Donnelly Ocean
Donnelly Oyster - What A Room Donnelly Oyster
Drayton Gunmetal - What A Room Drayton Gunmetal
Drayton Oyster - What A Room Drayton Oyster
Dudley II Burlap - What A Room Dudley II Burlap
Duo Charcoal - What A Room Duo Charcoal
Duo Ivory - What A Room Duo Ivory
Duo Navy - What A Room Duo Navy
Duo Pewter - What A Room Duo Pewter
Duo Platinum - What A Room Duo Platinum
Duo Taupe - What A Room Duo Taupe
Dynamite Blue - What A Room Dynamite Blue
Dynamite Charcoal - What A Room Dynamite Charcoal
Dynamite Copper - What A Room Dynamite Copper
Dynamite Cream - What A Room Dynamite Cream
Dynamite Dove - What A Room Dynamite Dove
Dynamite Forest - What A Room Dynamite Forest
Dynamite Glacier - What A Room Dynamite Glacier
Dynamite Salt - What A Room Dynamite Salt
Dynamite Sand - What A Room Dynamite Sand
Elan Sand - What A Room Elan Sand
Elite Ash - What A Room Elite Ash
Elite Charcoal - What A Room Elite Charcoal
Elite Chocolate - What A Room Elite Chocolate
Elite Dove - What A Room Elite Dove
Elite Indigo - What A Room Elite Indigo
Elite Ivory - What A Room Elite Ivory
Elite Pewter - What A Room Elite Pewter
Elite Sand - What A Room Elite Sand
Elliston Grey - What A Room Elliston Grey
Elliston Oyster - What A Room Elliston Oyster
Empire III Ash Empire III Ash
Empire III Berry - What A Room Empire III Berry
Empire III Camel Empire III Camel
Empire III Charcoal - What A Room Empire III Charcoal
Empire III Coffee Empire III Coffee
Empire III Dove - What A Room Empire III Dove
Empire III Ice - What A Room Empire III Ice
Empire III Indigo - What A Room Empire III Indigo
Empire III Ivory - What A Room Empire III Ivory
Empire III Shadow - What A Room Empire III Shadow
Empire III Steel - What A Room Empire III Steel
Empire III Stone Empire III Stone
Eton Charcoal - What A Room Eton Charcoal
Eton Cocoa - What A Room Eton Cocoa
Eton Fog - What A Room Eton Fog
Eton Grey - What A Room Eton Grey
Eton Indigo - What A Room Eton Indigo
Eton Ivory - What A Room Eton Ivory
Eton Linen - What A Room Eton Linen
Eton Oyster - What A Room Eton Oyster
Eton Praline - What A Room Eton Praline
Eton Stone - What A Room Eton Stone
Farley Cream - What A Room Farley Cream
Farrell Dove - What A Room Farrell Dove
Farrell Pewter - What A Room Farrell Pewter
Greenport Smoke - What A Room Greenport Smoke
Gypsy Cement Gypsy Cement
Gypsy Driftwood Gypsy Driftwood
Gypsy Mica Gypsy Mica
Gypsy Oyster Gypsy Oyster
Hampstead Dove - What A Room Hampstead Dove
Hampstead Graphite - What A Room Hampstead Graphite
Hampstead Gunmetal - What A Room Hampstead Gunmetal
Hampstead Navy - What A Room Hampstead Navy
Hampstead Oyster - What A Room Hampstead Oyster
Hampstead Slate - What A Room Hampstead Slate
Helio Granite - What A Room Helio Granite
Helio Indigo - What A Room Helio Indigo
Helio Ivory - What A Room Helio Ivory
Helio Linen - What A Room Helio Linen
Helio Mocha - What A Room Helio Mocha
Helio Oyster - What A Room Helio Oyster
Helio Pewter - What A Room Helio Pewter
Helio Sand - What A Room Helio Sand
Helio Smoke - What A Room Helio Smoke
Intermix II Beach - What A Room Intermix II Beach
James Beach - What A Room James Beach
James Feather - What A Room James Feather
James Neptune - What A Room James Neptune
James RicePaper - What A Room James RicePaper
James SeaSalt - What A Room James SeaSalt
Jayden Linen - What A Room Jayden Linen
Kimbell Grey Kimbell Grey
Kimbell Sand Kimbell Sand
Klein III Ivory - What A Room Klein III Ivory
Klein III White - What A Room Klein III White
Langley Beach Langley Beach
Langley Feather Langley Feather
Langley Sunta Langley Sunta
Maestro Fleece White - What A Room Maestro Fleece White
Marquise Adobe - What A Room Marquis Adobe
Marquise Aloe - What A Room Marquis Aloe
Marquise Aqua - What A Room Marquis Aqua
Marquise Aubergine - What A Room Marquis Aubergine
Marquise Black - What A Room Marquis Black
Marquise Capri - What A Room Marquis Capri
Marquise Carribean - What A Room Marquis Carribean
Marquise Cement - What A Room Marquis Cement
Marquise Charcoal - What A Room Marquis Charcoal
Marquise Chiffon - What A Room Marquis Chiffon
Marquise Cocoa - What A Room Marquis Cocoa
Marquise Coffee - What A Room Marquis Coffee
Marquise Coral - What A Room Marquis Coral
Marquise Cornflower - What A Room Marquis Cornflower
Marquise Curry - What A Room Marquis Curry
Marquise Dove - What A Room Marquis Dove
Marquise Ecru - What A Room Marquis Ecru
Marquise Emerald - What A Room Marquis Emerald
Marquise Gold - What A Room Marquis Gold
Marquise Graphite - What A Room Marquis Graphite
Marquise Ivory - What A Room Marquis Ivory
Marquise Java - What A Room Marquis Java
Marquise Lagoon - What A Room Marquis Lagoon
Marquise Leaf - What A Room Marquis Leaf
Marquise Mauve - What A Room Marquis Mauve
Marquise Navy - What A Room Marquis Navy
Marquise Nile - What A Room Marquis Nile
Marquise Orange - What A Room Marquis Orange
Marquise Pewter - What A Room Marquis Pewter
Marquise Pine - What A Room Marquis Pine
Marquise Pink - What A Room Marquis Pink
Marquise Rose - What A Room Marquis Rose
Marquise Rust - What A Room Marquis Rust
Marquise Sable - What A Room Marquis Sable
Marquise Safron - What A Room Marquis Saffron
Marquise Spruce - What A Room Marquis Spruce
Marquise Sunflower - What A Room Marquis Sunflower
Marquise Taupe - What A Room Marquis Taupe
Marquise Teal - What A Room Marquis Teal
Marquise Truffle - What A Room Marquis Truffle
Marquise Vapor - What A Room Marquis Vapor
Marquise Willow - What A Room Marquis Willow
Modern Velvet Ivory - What A Room Modern Velvet Ivory
Modern Velvet White - What A Room Modern Velvet White
Navarro II Ice - What A Room Navarro II Ice
Navarro II Ink - What A Room Navarro II Ink
Navarro II Ivory - What A Room Navarro II Ivory
Navarro II Pewter - What A Room Navarro II Pewter
Neville Charcoal - What A Room Neville Charcoal
Neville Graphite - What A Room Neville Graphite
Neville Indigo - What A Room Neville Indigo
Neville Linen - What A Room Neville Linen
Neville Natural - What A Room Neville Natural
Neville Oyster - What A Room Neville Oyster
Neville White - What A Room Neville White
Oberon Dove - What A Room Oberon Dove
Oberon Graphite - What A Room Oberon Graphite
Oberon Grey - What A Room Oberon Grey
Oberon Ivory - What A Room Oberon Ivory
Oberon Parchment - What A Room Oberon Parchment
Ogden Gunmetal - What A Room Ogden Gunmetal
Oslo Camel - What A Room Oslo Camel
Parallel Dove - What A Room Parallel Dove
Phat Sand - What A Room Phat Sand
Portofino Grey Portofino Grey
Portofino White Portofino White
PP Anchorage Greystone PP Anchorage Greystone
PP Anchorage Pearl PP Anchorage Pearl+$250.00
PP Anchorage Teal PP Anchorage Teal+$250.00
PP Beckon Ice PP Beckon Ice+$250.00
PP Beckon Shell PP Beckon Shell+$250.00
PP Brightside Dark Navy PP Brightside Dark Navy+$250.00
PP Brightside Ice PP Brightside Ice+$250.00
PP Nude Beach Natural PP Nude Beach Natural+$250.00
PP Rumba Carbon PP Rumba Carbon+$250.00
PP Rumba Platinum PP Rumba Platinum+$250.00
PP Rumba Smoke PP Rumba Smoke+$250.00
PP Rumba Wheat PP Rumba Wheat+$250.00
PP Santos Charcoal PP Santos Charcoal
PP Santos Mist PP Santos Mist
PP Santos Ocean PP Santos Ocean
PP Santos Spa PP Santos Spa
Sheepskin Toast - What A Room Sheepskin Toast
St. Croix Grey St. Croix Grey
St. Croix Ivory St. Croix Ivory
St. Croix Sand St. Croix Sand
Tavis Ash - What A Room Tavis Ash
Tavis Pewter - What A Room Tavis Pewter
Zander Flax - What A Room Zander Flax
Zander Sand - What A Room Zander Sand
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USA Made in 4-6 Weeks

Buy a matching Ottoman, please contact us for more details.

 The Merced Arm Chair features a slope arm sofa extends from the couch’s full height into a comfortable arm. The end result is a sleek-looking sofa that has an elevated vibe. The chair is a perfect addition to custom Merced Sofa or Sectional.

Includes 2 matching throw pillows.

Shipping & Delivery
  • Production time for custom orders: 4-5 weeks
  • Shipping costs: $249 to $349
  • Complimentary white glove service for most cities; we will notify you if your zip code is not eligible.
  • Delivery timeframe after custom sofa completion: 1 to 2 weeks, subject to scheduling and location.

Check out our measuring guide to ensure a smooth delivery.

Returns & Exchanges


We're happy to accept returns within 60 days of delivery for custom furniture that is in new or like-new condition. Once your item is returned, we'll carefully inspect it and issue credits or refunds for the item(s) and any applicable taxes. Please note there is a 15% restocking fee for returns on custom furniture, and the initial delivery fee will be forfeited. If we need to collect the item from your home, a pick-up fee may apply.


We're here to help! Exchanges are gladly accepted for damaged or defective custom furniture. Simply start the exchange process by submitting a claim on our claims page. Rest assured, a friendly member of our team will reach out to you within 24 to 48 hours.

Read more

Frequently Asked Questions

Please refer to our custom sofas FAQ page.

Custom Measurements

Each of our sofas can be customized in variety of sizes and configurations ensuring you get exactly as you need to fill your space

Chemical Free Fabrics

Our fabrics are free of PFAS/PFOS & unwanted chemicals keeping your children & pets health in mind

Built in 4-5 Weeks

Our American made handcraft sofas & sectionals are made to order in 4-5 weeks.

Easy 30 Days Returns

If you're not happy with your purchase, you can return within 30 days

Merced Chair - What A Room


  • Chair Total Width: Choose Your Size
  • Chair Total Depth: 36-40"
  • Chair Total Height: 34"

  • Seat Height: 17"
  • Arm Width: 6"
  • Arm Height: 25"
  • Leg Height: 4.5"
Merced Chair - What A Room


  • Custom made in the USA
  • Kiln-dried solid wood frame with reinforced corner blocks
  • Reversible and flippable cushions
  • Removal zippered cushion covers for easy cleaning
  • Fabrics are PFAS chemical free
  • Seat cushions made with premium 2.5lb density (HR) high-resilient foam for extreme durability
  • High-gauge sinuous spring suspension
  • Limited Lifetime Warranty on frame and workmanship

High Quality Sofa Made to Last

Our Cushions & Frame Quality

Quality & Sustainability

Exceptional Cushion Quality

At What A Room, we use 2.5 lb High Resilient (HR) foam core for our seat cushions, a high-quality material often used in commercial-grade furniture. This is unlike the cheaper 1.5-2.0 lb foam found in many mass-produced sofas, making ours much more durable. Our foam can handle weight and pressure, staying in shape for over 10 years, which is much longer than the 3-7 years offered by other brands. Our goal is to deliver the most long-lasting cushions without losing out on comfort. You can pick how firm you want your seat cushion, all of which use a 2.5 lb HR foam core and are wrapped in Dacron or Down Feather for extra comfort and support.

In additional all our foams are CertiPUR-US® certified poly foam which is made without any harmful chemicals like ozone depleters, PBDE flame retardants, mercury, lead, heavy metals, formaldehyde, and phthalates.

Custom Made High Quality Sofa Material

Craftsmanship for Life

Handcrafted Frame Built to Last

Our frames are made with kiln-dried, solid wood that provides for exceptionally sturdy, long-lasting furniture pieces. Our frames are joined with corner blocks, ensuring extra lifespan & durability. All frames are backed by our limited lifetime frame warranty, applicable to the original owner and original delivery address only.

The kiln-drying process prevents frame warping and mildew in humid climates. Most of our sofas are designed with a “pitch”. This is a slight angle in the seat and/or back which allows you to comfortably sit back and almost sink into the sofa.

Handpicked & Safe

Our Fabrics

When prioritizing comfort, every aspect is crucial. The feel, texture, hue, and pattern play a vital role in crafting a unique furniture piece that captivates your heart. We choose our fabrics and leathers with care from the finest textile manufacturers globally.

Keeping your kids and pets in mind all our fabrics are free of PFAS/PFOS and unwanted “forever” chemicals. Our fabrics are very long-lasting, with most being tested to withstand 100,000 double rubs. This means they can last decades before showing major signs of wear.

Order Fabric Samples

Where it matters

Made in the USA

Our expert craftsmans create each What A Room custom sofa & sectionals by hand, maintaining a tradition of skill, patience, and artistry. This approach leads to furniture that is both long-lasting, unique and beautifully designed.

Frequently Asked Questions

Please refer to our custom sofa FAQ page for additional answers.


Absolutely. Every single custom sofa & sectionals, framing & suspension that we make is manufactured in California, USA. Certain materials and components are sourced from outside of the United States as needed. 


Production takes 4-6 weeks. Once an item is packaged customers will get an automated message with a tracking number.


We are constantly improving our representation of custom products on our website. That said, every monitor and display could have slight variations for color. We recommend you ordering free fabric samples to visualize the color in your home's lighting through the day and night time.


We do our best to provide all customers with a perfectly tailored product that fits their needs. We invite you to reach out to us if you need something beyond what our online store allows in customization options. It is highly likely we can find a solution for you, whether it is a different configuration, adjusting other dimensions, picking the perfect size. Please visit our design form to submit your customization.

At What A Room, our seat cushions are made with 2.5 lb High Resilient (HR) foam, a quality usually found in commercial furniture. Unlike many mass-produced sofas that use 1.5-2.0 lb foam to cut costs, our denser foam is more durable. It withstands weight and pressure better, keeping its shape for over 10 years, compared to the 3-7 years lifespan of others. We aim to offer the most durable cushions without compromising comfort.

  • Soft: A soft foam seat cushion is comfortable and versatile to provide support and relief during extended periods of sitting. Crafted from high-quality, plush foam material, this cushion gently contours to the shape of your body and may help reduce pressure on key pressure points. The experience is akin to sitting "in" the cushion rather than merely "on" it.
  • Medium: Between plush and firm, medium seats strike a balance between contour and support. Built with cushioning made to give just a tad as you sit, the medium level doesn't keep you too upright – but also doesn't let you sink too far down. 
  • Firm: The seats provide a supportive feel that aids in maintaining a neutral posture while seated. This attribute is advantageous for individuals with back issues or those who prefer a solid and stable sensation. Opting for a firm seat cushion transforms the experience from sitting in the sofa to sitting on it. This technology mirrors the firm options available in many mattress foams, catering to individuals who seek higher levels of support. Therefore, choosing a firm seat ensures a denser surface for your seating comfort.
  • Plush Down-fill: Down-filled cushions feature a blend of white goose down and goose feathers intricately packed into clusters. These clusters create a lavish and comfortable filling for cushions, delivering a plush and cozy sensation. The cushions exhibit a pliable nature, molding to the contours of the body for a supportive and comfortable experience. With a high loft, the down clusters give the cushions a lofty and fluffy appearance, enhancing their overall plushness. To maintain their optimal comfort, occasional fluffing and maintenance are recommended.
Cat Friendly Fabrics

The following patterns are fabrics that we believe will be best if you have a cat. However, we advise you to order fabric samples to ensure they will be compatible with your cat.

  • Patterns: Bella, Bennet, Contessa, Dalton, Devon, Empire III & Marquis.

Here some tips to keep in mind:

  • Avoid light fabrics: These tend to show spills, stains and drool marks the most.
  • Match the fabric to your pet's fur.

While we cherish our feline companions, cat claws have a distinctive ability to damage even the toughest materials, including wood. Our fabrics are designed to endure heavy use thanks to their high rub count. However, if your cat treats the sofa as a scratching post, it is likely to suffer damage because of the sharpness of their claws. We strongly recommend that cat owners discourage their cats from scratching the sofa or using it as a scratching post.

Fabric Care Guide

In general, we recommend promptly treating spots and stains, and avoiding excessive rubbing or brushing. If your fabric can be cleaned using water, upholstery steam cleaners can work magic. If spot cleaning with water, we recommend wetting larger areas in order to avoid the possibility of water stains. Finally, while some fabrics are machine washable, we recommend hand washing or spot treating whenever possible to avoid wear and the possibility of slight shrinkage.

  • Cleaning (W) Code Fabrics
    A "W" indicates that your piece can be cleaned with water. This means you're safe to use an upholstery/carpet cleaner on your spill or stain.
  • Cleaning (S) Code Fabrics
    An "S" indicates that your piece needs to be cleaned with cleaning solvents (dry clean only) and will not react well if water is applied to it. Spot cleaning is only advised if the product is meant for home dry cleaning use. Make sure that after using a product of this nature to use a blow dryer to dry the spot so it doesn't leave a ring! Stains, spills or dirt in general should be cleaned as soon as possible to retain the longevity of the colors and the fabric.
  • Cleaning (W/S) Code Fabrics
    A "W/S" indicates that you can use either dry cleaning solvents or water with mild hand soap for cleaning. Clean spots as soon as possible before they have a chance to set in.
Rated 5.0 out of 5 stars
Based on 2 reviews
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2 reviews
  • TS
    Tyler S.
    Verified Buyer
    What cushion firmness did you choose? Medium
    What sofa depth you choose? 38" - 39"
    What is your height? 6' to 6' 2"
    What cushion firmness did you choose? Medium
    What sofa depth you choose? 38" - 39"
    What is your height? 6' to 6' 2"
    Merced High Back L Shaped Couch
    Merced High Back L Shaped Couch
    Rated 5 out of 5 stars
    Great Find!

    We have never purchased a custom furniture piece before, but this process will definitely have us do so in the future! The WhatARoom staff was excellent to work with, giving us some helpful tips along the design process, and the final product was shipped very securely. We are very satisfied with the quality of the sectional, and know it will be a staple in our living room for a long time! Even with a dog and the wet paws and other things that go with that, the couch has maintained it’s new look & feel through the first month.

    ComfortRated 5.0 on a scale of 1 to 5
    Seat DepthRated 0.0 on a scale of minus 2 to 2
    FirmnessRated 0.0 on a scale of minus 2 to 2
    Seat HeightRated 3.0 on a scale of 1 to 5
    Customer ServiceRated 5.0 on a scale of 1 to 5
  • NS
    Nicholas s.
    Verified Buyer
    Merced High Back L Shaped Couch
    Merced High Back L Shaped Couch
    Rated 5 out of 5 stars
    Cannot recommend this company highly enough!

    Extremely helpful staff, no pressure and no problems with us asking many questions - they even called their interior designer to discuss colors to match our room. Phoned to let us know when the sectional was going to be delivered (as promised) and it arrived on time. Delivery guys were very friendly. We now have really lovely good quality sectional, built to match our needs, at a decent price. *** cannot recommend this company highly enough **

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