Custom Sofa FAQ's

FAQ’s about Custom Sofas

Aren’t custom sofas and sectionals expensive?

Custom built furniture used to be reserved for those with large budgets. But not anymore. We’ve created a platform that allows us to build a premium product in the USA to your specifications and at a price that is extremely competitive with the overall market options in the non-custom category. That means you get exceptional value and a product that is custom tailored to your needs and specific requirements. Bottom Line: you’ll find our custom sofas and sectionals are directly in line with “off-the-shelf” sofas and sectionals, but you get to decide how they get built. 

It seems difficult to choose all the different aspects for a custom sofa. What’s different about your system?

We built our platform to take the most frequently desired aspects and allow you to modify them easily, so you can customize a sofa in 4 easy steps. We also offer FREE design consultations to help you get exactly what you need, and answer any lingering questions. You choose the following four aspects of your sofa or sectional and we build and deliver that custom creation to you with industry best turnaround times. 

  1. Choose your Style - from dozens of popular styles
  2. Choose your Size - with any space able to be customized for
  3. Choose your Fabric - with over 70 upholstery options and colors
  4. Add your finishing touches - firmer cushions for longevity; foot style and special finishes. 

It’s a process that ultimately can be done in minutes. We can assist you with making sure you have measurements right, and any questions answered that you might need, like: “Which fabric is best for busy households with children?”

Are the pictures online accurate? Will the colors and styles look the same when I get my custom into my home?

We are constantly improving our representation of custom products on our website. That said, every monitor and display could have slight variations for color. We invite you to look through our reviews (pictures are often submitted by customers), our showroom photos, and the “in situ” graphics on our website to determine the accuracy of the colors and fabrics. The comparative representation should give you an extremely accurate idea of what to expect. 

Are these products truly 100% made in the USA?

Absolutely. Every single custom piece of furniture that we make is manufactured in the United States. Certain materials and components are sourced from outside of the United States as needed. 

Can I reorder the exact same styles in the future to match as my needs grow?

We save your orders on file, and we do our very best to maintain legacy stock for the components we use in custom sofas and sectionals. It’s highly likely you can get the exact same build you currently have, in the future, by just selecting the same components. We can also provide you with these design details if you have forgotten the exact choices you made on your previous order. 

What happens if I have more specific needs than what your online options allow for a custom sofa or sectional? For example, what if I need a depth that is deeper than your sofa style dictates.  

We do our best to provide all customers with a perfectly tailored product that fits their needs. We invite you to reach out to us if you need something beyond what our online store allows in customization options. It is highly likely we can find a solution for you, whether it is an extremely uncommon dimension, or a different upholstery type, or a custom pillow request. We can be contacted for these types of inquiries by emailing to


How do I pick the EXACT dimensions of my sofa or sectional?

Our best recommendation is to call us for a FREE custom design consultation. It doesn’t have to be lengthy or complicated, and we are low pressure, and can answer all your questions. 

If you prefer to order without our assistance, you can put dimensions in the custom notes field on your order. We require a length on all linear dimensions, and some styles will require additional measurements, like depth, etc. All standardized dimensions for each style and platform type will be present on the product page for that sofa/sectional. For instance, if you require a 96” long sofa, you will input that dimension into notes after selecting the corresponding drop down length on the product page. 

Because of the nature of a custom piece of furniture, we encourage you to measure twice, and be certain of the dimensions and option choices before you order. You can read our terms and conditions regarding custom furniture HERE.


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