What began as a small business between two friends, handling furniture sales and deliveries through Craigslist has turned into a 7,000 sq ft storefront business, run by brothers, Daniel and Steven who came up with the idea to help design and sell custom made sofas after realizing that the only way to meet a customer's needs is to give them exactly what they want.  

Our philosophy is to turn vision into reality by bringing an experience for the consumer to create a sofa that is crafted with quality, excellence, and represents individuality. We turned our passion into a reality and today we are proud to be a leader in furnishing bay area homes for the last 10 years! 

The early days consisted of selling catalog sofas and working within the constraints of our vendor. By 2010, we knew that the “one size fits all” approach did not showcase our commitment of providing excellence to our customers so we partnered with our vendors to come up with a new approach of allowing our customer to completely customize their sofa to fit their needs. 

We have now expanded to include our services online and nationwide and it has truly been beyond what we would have imagined. We want to continue creating a place where creativity lives and plan to continue helping our community turn their idea into a part of their home that they will love and enjoy.