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Custom Sofa Sectional with Chaise - Handcrafted & Build to Order in USA

All of our sofas are fully customizable by the size, length, width, depth, layout style and have 70+ fabric color swatches to choose from. The customizable sectional sofa with chaise are made to order & handcafted with 4-6 delivery times. We use high quality materials & fabrics, and each sofa is made to order and build in the USA. We can design your sofa to your desired look with a high quality service from end to end.

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Custom Sofa Chaise

Building a custom couch with a chaise lounge can be a fun and rewarding DIY project. Here is a step-by-step guide to help you get started:

  • Gather your materials for your custom sofa: You will need foam for the cushions, fabric for the upholstery, wood for the frame, screws, nails, and any other materials you want to use to decorate or finish the couch.

  • Measure and cut the wood: Using your measurements, cut the wood for the frame of the couch and chaise lounge. Make sure to cut enough pieces to create the desired shape and size of your couch.

  • Assemble the frame: Use screws or nails to attach the pieces of wood together to create the frame of the couch. Make sure the frame is sturdy and secure. Drill 3mm pilot holes and countersink, then secure the cross rails to the studs with screws. To join the frames, stand the sofa frames vertically and secure a rail inside the frames at the front and two rails outside the frames at the back. Then, add a base rail under the front and back, as well as a cross rail between the frames. Repeat this process for the chaise, but position the rails inside the frames instead. To clad the frames, use PVA adhesive and screws spaced 200mm apart along the top and base to secure the short sides of the frames. Then, secure the long sides.

  • Add the foam: Cut the foam to fit the frame and place it inside the frame. To attach the two pieces of foam for the cushions and secure them to the arm, you can use spray adhesive. To attach the foam to the plywood seat base, use contact adhesive and a brush. Spread the adhesive onto the foam and plywood using a spatula. When the surfaces come into contact, they will stick permanently, so it's important to position the foam accurately with the help of an extra pair of hands.

  • Cover with fabric: Lay the fabric over the frame and foam, and use a staple gun to attach it to the frame. Cover the back of the couch with fabric, stretching it over the top and down the front and securing it in place with staples underneath. Pull the fabric down the sides of the couch and staple it in place, including in the corners. Use pins to hold the fabric in place and slip-stitch the corners to secure.

  • Use a jigsaw to cut two lengths of foam into triangular halves and leave the other three rectangular lengths intact. Use spray adhesive to join a triangular piece and a rectangular piece of foam to create each cushion. Cover the cushions with wadding. Cut a paper template for the cushion covers, leaving a 20mm overhang on the sides. Use the template to cut the fabric for the covers.

  • With the right sides of the fabric facing inward, pin the sides of the covers together and tack stitch them. Finish sewing the covers on a sewing machine. Turn the covers right-side out and insert the cushions, securing them in place with a slip stitch.

  • Finish and decorate your furniture masterpiece: Add any additional finishing touches, such as decorative pillows or throw blankets, to complete the look of your couch or loveseat sofa. With some basic carpentry skills and a little bit of patience, you can create a stylish and comfortable couch with a chaise lounge design that will be a great addition to your home.