A Guide to Measuring for Delivery

Use the guide below to ensure that your piece will fit in your space and that it can pass through doorways, hallways, stairways, and elevators to reach its destination.

1. Find the Dimensions of Your Piece



2. Measure for a Successful Delivery

Pathway Measurements

Consider the path that the piece will need to travel from the street to the room where you intend to place it.

Measure the items listed below along this path. As you do so, take into account low or angled ceilings, banisters, tight corners, and low-hanging light fixtures that might obstruct movement.

Compare these measurements with the length, depth, and height of the piece (adding three inches for boxes) to ensure that it will fit through each part of the pathway.

Doors, Entryways, and Hallways

Also, measure the clearance of each entryway, which is the distance from the outside wall, through the doorway, to the opposite wall. If this distance is shorter than the length of your piece, you will need to bring the piece in on its side. Ensure that the height of the entryway is greater than the length of your piece to accommodate this.


Measure the interior width, depth, and height of all elevators that will be used. Also, include the width and height of the elevator doors when they are open.


Measure the width of your stairway, considering the space taken by banisters, and include the height from both the top and bottom steps to the ceiling. Additionally, evaluate any slanted ceilings, turns in the stairwell, and landings to ensure that your piece can maneuver around, through, and onto these areas.

Please Note:

All deliveries are carried out by a team of two people. They are not equipped to remove doors from their hinges or to hoist items.

Your Room

Confirm that the unboxed and assembled piece will fit in the room where you intend to place it. If it's helpful, you can use painter’s tape to mark out the dimensions of the piece - its length, depth, and height - in the designated area. It might be useful to compare the size of your new piece with existing furniture. If your current furniture was successfully placed in your space, then a piece of a similar size should also fit. However, remember that such comparisons should not replace thorough measuring but rather serve as an additional confirmation.

3. Prepare for Delivery

Clear a Pathway

Clear the path from the door to where your piece will be placed, removing any obstacles like plants, chairs, accent tables, or throw rugs. Also, take down frames, artwork, or light fixtures from walls to prevent any bumps or scratches. Additionally, please confine pets to a safe area to ensure they won’t be underfoot or risk escaping through open doors.