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Rugs are notoriously difficult to shop for. There are hundreds of different aspects that need to be scrutinized to determine quality and value. And many are overpriced or are sold by outlets that rely on inflated pricing concepts and marketing-heavy presentations. WhatARoom wants to change how you shop for quality rugs. We’ve decided it’s important to do the pre-work for our customers by only stocking premium quality rugs that still fit into a realistic budget for most consumers, and which simultaneously provide exceptional value and have real staying power. 

Contemporary area rugs for any space

We don’t want to peg ourselves into a corner, but we understand that tastes change, and being on the front end of that change is always important. Contemporary rug styles make sense for most consumers. That isn’t to say you shouldn’t consider other options, especially if you need a specific look, but we know how well the current group of designs work in so many diverse settings.

We offer a staggering array of contemporary rugs that can be placed in any conceivable space without style concerns. Over 100 options of top tier room rugs at any given time allows WhatARoom to provide significant value to our customers.

Traditional Rugs with a value-added construction

We’ve seen one hundred thousand dollar rugs for sale. They are a sight to behold and offer a unique insight into bespoke or handmade craftsmanship. But we recognize that for most consumers, owning a $100k rug isn’t a desire, or maybe even a viable option. That’s why we curate our catalog of area and living rugs to cater to what we know people want. The construction quality is incredible, but the value offered is immense too. That’s what you’ll find in retail with WhatARoom, and on our E-commerce platform – value and quality.

So, yes, we admit it: we appreciate handmade rugs that took thousands of hours to complete. But what we know we can assign maximum value to, is a rug that makes a similar impact, but is also something you can live with daily for decades, at a fraction of the price.

A Rug can transform a space when used creatively 

We offer significantly more than 100 rugs in our current portfolio, and the styles and designs are

varied enough to cater to the needs of our diverse and growing clientele. We invite you to browse our extensive selection of premium quality rugs and find the one that makes your space complete. Whether that means covering a deeply character-filled, hardwood floor a century old, or adding contrast to carpet that was installed last week.

When you find the right rug, it can truly be transformative. We invite you to experience that awakening to a new look with your favorite furniture and accessories still intact. A great rug can do just that. With WhatARoom, you know you are getting all the pre-work done as we source and purchase the finest rugs on the planet that won’t break the bank but will revamp your space. Because in the end, it’s all about what you can accomplish with the right mindset and products. We want to be the right partner for you.