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Lounge Comfy Large Wedge Sectional

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Buy Now - Decide Later - What A Room Buy Now - Decide Later(+$300.00)View Details
Bella Buckwheat - What A Room Bella Buckwheat(+$300.00)View Details
Bella Cornflower - What A Room Bella Cornflower(+$300.00)View Details
Bella Dove - What A Room Bella Dove(+$300.00)View Details
Bella Granite - What A Room Bella Granite(+$300.00)View Details
Bella Midnight Fabric BELLAMIDNIGHT Bella Midnight(+$300.00)View Details
Bella Otter - What A Room Bella Otter(+$300.00)View Details
Bella Pewter Fabric BELLAPEWTER Bella Pewter(+$300.00)View Details
Bella Skylight Fabric BELLASKYLIGHT Bella Skylight(+$300.00)View Details
Bella Toast - What A Room Bella Toast(+$300.00)View Details
Bella White - What A Room Bella White(+$300.00)View Details
Bennett Almond - What A Room Bennett Almond(+$300.00)View Details
Bennett Charcoal - What A Room Bennett Charcoal(+$300.00)View Details
Bennett Denim - What A Room Bennett Denim(+$300.00)View Details
Bennett Dove - What A Room Bennett Dove(+$300.00)View Details
Bennett Indigo - What A Room Bennett Indigo(+$300.00)View Details
Bennett Ink - What A Room Bennett Ink(+$300.00)View Details
Bennett Moon - What A Room Bennett Moon(+$300.00)View Details
Modern Velvet Ivory - What A Room Modern Velvet Ivory(+$300.00)View Details
Modern Velvet White - What A Room Modern Velvet White(+$300.00)View Details
Elite Charcoal - What A Room Elite Charcoal(+$300.00)View Details
Bonterra Sand - What A Room Bonterra Sand(+$300.00)View Details
Oberon Parchment - What A Room Oberon Parchment(+$300.00)View Details
Tavis Sand - What A Room Tavis Sand(+$300.00)View Details
Bradley Cream - What A Room Bradley Cream(+$300.00)View Details
Marquise Ecru - What A Room Marquise Ecru(+$300.00)View Details
Neville Linen - What A Room Neville Linen(+$300.00)View Details
Zander Sand - What A Room Zander Sand(+$300.00)View Details
Devon Sand - What A Room Devon Sand(+$300.00)View Details
Delux II Oyster - What A Room Delux II Oyster(+$300.00)View Details
Marquise Linen - What A Room Marquise Linen(+$300.00)View Details
Zander Flax - What A Room Zander Flax(+$300.00)View Details
Bliss Parchment - What A Room Bliss Parchment(+$300.00)View Details
Elite Sand - What A Room Elite Sand(+$300.00)View Details
Sheepskin Toast - What A Room Sheepskin Toast(+$300.00)View Details
Oslo Camel - What A Room Oslo Camel(+$300.00)View Details
Dalton Sand - What A Room Dalton Sand(+$300.00)View Details
Helio Linen - What A Room Helio Linen(+$300.00)View Details
Nevis Linen - What A Room Nevis Linen(+$300.00)View Details
Eton Linen - What A Room Eton Linen(+$300.00)View Details
Bella Beach - What A Room Bella Beach(+$300.00)View Details
Phat Sand - What A Room Phat Sand(+$300.00)View Details
Elan Sand - What A Room Elan Sand(+$300.00)View Details
Ashford Flax - What A Room Ashford Flax(+$300.00)View Details
Contessa Khaki - What A Room Contessa Khaki(+$300.00)View Details
Helio Sand - What A Room Helio Sand(+$300.00)View Details
Duo Taupe - What A Room Duo Taupe(+$300.00)View Details
Nevis Khaki - What A Room Nevis Khaki(+$300.00)View Details
Dudley II Burlap - What A Room Dudley II Burlap(+$300.00)View Details
Devon Mouse - What A Room Devon Mouse(+$300.00)View Details
Klein III White - What A Room Klein III White(+$300.00)View Details
Neville White - What A Room Neville White(+$300.00)View Details
Contessa Vanilla - What A Room Contessa Vanilla(+$300.00)View Details
Ashford Cream - What A Room Ashford Cream(+$300.00)View Details
Helio Ivory - What A Room Helio Ivory(+$300.00)View Details
Eton Ivory - What A Room Eton Ivory(+$300.00)View Details
Neville Natural - What A Room Neville Natural(+$300.00)View Details
Elite Ivory - What A Room Elite Ivory(+$300.00)View Details
Oberon Ivory - What A Room Oberon Ivory(+$300.00)View Details
Contessa Ivory - What A Room Contessa Ivory(+$300.00)View Details
Marquise Ivory - What A Room Marquise Ivory(+$300.00)View Details
Empire III Ivory - What A Room Empire III Ivory(+$300.00)View Details
Navarro II Ivory - What A Room Navarro II Ivory(+$300.00)View Details
Duo Ivory - What A Room Duo Ivory(+$300.00)View Details
Klein III Ivory - What A Room Klein III Ivory(+$300.00)View Details
Bella Bone - What A Room Bella Bone(+$300.00)View Details
Neville Oyster - What A Room Neville Oyster(+$300.00)View Details
Hampstead Oyster - What A Room Hampstead Oyster(+$300.00)View Details
Eton Oyster - What A Room Eton Oyster(+$300.00)View Details
Donnelly Oyster - What A Room Donnelly Oyster(+$300.00)View Details
Dalton Stone - What A Room Dalton Stone(+$300.00)View Details
Bliss Dove - What A Room Bliss Dove(+$300.00)View Details
Contessa Oyster - What A Room Contessa Oyster(+$300.00)View Details
Devon Platinum - What A Room Devon Platinum(+$300.00)View Details
Bella Grey - What A Room Bella Grey(+$300.00)View Details
Contessa Dove - What A Room Contessa Dove(+$300.00)View Details
Bonterra Dove - What A Room Bonterra Dove(+$300.00)View Details
Empire III Dove - What A Room Empire III Dove(+$300.00)View Details
Helio Oyster - What A Room Helio Oyster(+$300.00)View Details
Hampstead Dove - What A Room Hampstead Dove(+$300.00)View Details
Ashford Cement - What A Room Ashford Cement(+$300.00)View Details
Elite Dove - What A Room Elite Dove(+$300.00)View Details
Oberon Grey - What A Room Oberon Grey(+$300.00)View Details
Eton Stone - What A Room Eton Stone(+$300.00)View Details
Tavis Pewter - What A Room Tavis Pewter(+$300.00)View Details
Oberon Dove - What A Room Oberon Dove(+$300.00)View Details
Eton Grey - What A Room Eton Grey(+$300.00)View Details
Marquise Dove - What A Room Marquise Dove(+$300.00)View Details
Duo Platinum - What A Room Duo Platinum(+$300.00)View Details
Dalton Dove - What A Room Dalton Dove(+$300.00)View Details
Bella Cement - What A Room Bella Cement(+$300.00)View Details
Marquise Cement - What A Room Marquise Cement(+$300.00)View Details
Oberon Graphite - What A Room Oberon Graphite(+$300.00)View Details
Helio Pewter - What A Room Helio Pewter(+$300.00)View Details
Devon Heather - What A Room Devon Heather(+$300.00)View Details
Marquise Sable - What A Room Marquise Sable(+$300.00)View Details
Elite Ash - What A Room Elite Ash(+$300.00)View Details
Helio Mocha - What A Room Helio Mocha(+$300.00)View Details
Contessa Taupe - What A Room Contessa Taupe(+$300.00)View Details
Helio Granite - What A Room Helio Granite(+$300.00)View Details
Eton Cocoa - What A Room Eton Cocoa(+$300.00)View Details
Marquise Taupe - What A Room Marquise Taupe(+$300.00)View Details
Dalton Praline - What A Room Dalton Praline(+$300.00)View Details
Eton Praline - What A Room Eton Praline(+$300.00)View Details
Dalton Mocha - What A Room Dalton Mocha(+$300.00)View Details
Donnelly Ash - What A Room Donnelly Ash(+$300.00)View Details
Bella Ash - What A Room Bella Ash(+$300.00)View Details
Dalton Toffee - What A Room Dalton Toffee(+$300.00)View Details
Bella Coffee - What A Room Bella Coffee(+$300.00)View Details
Marquise Cocoa - What A Room Marquise Cocoa(+$300.00)View Details
Bella Mocha - What A Room Bella Mocha(+$300.00)View Details
Marquise Truffle - What A Room Marquise Truffle(+$300.00)View Details
Bella Espresso - What A Room Bella Espresso(+$300.00)View Details
Elite Chocolate - What A Room Elite Chocolate(+$300.00)View Details
Contessa Java - What A Room Contessa Java(+$300.00)View Details
Marquise Java - What A Room Marquise Java(+$300.00)View Details
Eton Fog - What A Room Eton Fog(+$300.00)View Details
Hampstead Graphite - What A Room Hampstead Graphite(+$300.00)View Details
Duo Pewter - What A Room Duo Pewter(+$300.00)View Details
Neville Graphite - What A Room Neville Graphite(+$300.00)View Details
Tavis Ash - What A Room Tavis Ash(+$300.00)View Details
Elite Pewter - What A Room Elite Pewter(+$300.00)View Details
Bonterra Charcoal - What A Room Bonterra Charcoal(+$300.00)View Details
Donnelly Graphite - What A Room Donnelly Graphite(+$300.00)View Details
Marquise Pewter - What A Room Marquise Pewter(+$300.00)View Details
Dalton Graphite - What A Room Dalton Graphite(+$300.00)View Details
Bradley Pewter - What A Room Bradley Pewter(+$300.00)View Details
Bella Thunder - What A Room Bella Thunder(+$300.00)View Details
Eton Charcoal - What A Room Eton Charcoal(+$300.00)View Details
Marquise Graphite - What A Room Marquise Graphite(+$300.00)View Details
Contessa Charcoal - What A Room Contessa Charcoal(+$300.00)View Details
Navarro II Pewter - What A Room Navarro II Pewter(+$300.00)View Details
Bella Smoke - What A Room Bella Smoke(+$300.00)View Details
Empire III Charcoal - What A Room Empire III Charcoal(+$300.00)View Details
Bradley Char - What A Room Bradley Char(+$300.00)View Details
Helio Smoke - What A Room Helio Smoke(+$300.00)View Details
Bella Asphalt - What A Room Bella Asphalt(+$300.00)View Details
Hampstead Gunmetal - What A Room Hampstead Gunmetal(+$300.00)View Details
Marquise Charcoal - What A Room Marquise Charcoal(+$300.00)View Details
Dalton Charcoal - What A Room Dalton Charcoal(+$300.00)View Details
Neville Charcoal - What A Room Neville Charcoal(+$300.00)View Details
Marquise Gunmetal - What A Room Marquise Gunmetal(+$300.00)View Details
Bliss Charcoal - What A Room Bliss Charcoal(+$300.00)View Details
Duo Charcoal - What A Room Duo Charcoal(+$300.00)View Details
Bella Shadow - What A Room Bella Shadow(+$300.00)View Details
Bennett Black - What A Room Bennett Black(+$300.00)View Details
Contessa Ebony - What A Room Contessa Ebony(+$300.00)View Details
Marquise Black - What A Room Marquise Black(+$300.00)View Details
Navarro II Ice - What A Room Navarro II Ice(+$300.00)View Details
Bella Steel - What A Room Bella Steel(+$300.00)View Details
Empire III Ice - What A Room Empire III Ice(+$300.00)View Details
Marquise Surf - What A Room Marquise Surf(+$300.00)View Details
Marquise Capri - What A Room Marquise Capri(+$300.00)View Details
Empire III Steel - What A Room Empire III Steel(+$300.00)View Details
Devon Baltic - What A Room Devon Baltic(+$300.00)View Details
Contessa Shadow - What A Room Contessa Shadow(+$300.00)View Details
Empire III Shadow - What A Room Empire III Shadow(+$300.00)View Details
Navarro II Ink - What A Room Navarro II Ink(+$300.00)View Details
Hampstead Slate - What A Room Hampstead Slate(+$300.00)View Details
Bella Lagoon - What A Room Bella Lagoon(+$300.00)View Details
Marquise Delft - What A Room Marquise Delft(+$300.00)View Details
Donnelly Ocean - What A Room Donnelly Ocean(+$300.00)View Details
Bella Slate - What A Room Bella Slate(+$300.00)View Details
Marquise Cornflower - What A Room Marquise Cornflower(+$300.00)View Details
Marquise Vapor - What A Room Marquise Vapor(+$300.00)View Details
Neville Indigo - What A Room Neville Indigo(+$300.00)View Details
Eton Indigo - What A Room Eton Indigo(+$300.00)View Details
Hampstead Navy - What A Room Hampstead Navy(+$300.00)View Details
Donnelly Navy - What A Room Donnelly Navy(+$300.00)View Details
Marquise Navy - What A Room Marquise Navy(+$300.00)View Details
Elite Indigo - What A Room Elite Indigo(+$300.00)View Details
Helio Indigo - What A Room Helio Indigo(+$300.00)View Details
Empire III Indigo - What A Room Empire III Indigo(+$300.00)View Details
Duo Navy - What A Room Duo Navy(+$300.00)View Details
Marquise Saphire - What A Room Marquise Saphire(+$300.00)View Details
Bella Ink - What A Room Bella Ink(+$300.00)View Details
Ashford Midnight - What A Room Ashford Midnight(+$300.00)View Details
Marquise Midnight - What A Room Marquise Midnight(+$300.00)View Details
Marquise Adobe - What A Room Marquise Adobe(+$300.00)View Details
Marquise Safron - What A Room Marquise Safron(+$300.00)View Details
Marquise Coral - What A Room Marquise Coral(+$300.00)View Details
Marquise Red - What A Room Marquise Red(+$300.00)View Details
Contessa Ginger - What A Room Contessa Ginger(+$300.00)View Details
Marquise Rust - What A Room Marquise Rust(+$300.00)View Details
Marquise Orange - What A Room Marquise Orange(+$300.00)View Details
Marquise Sunflower - What A Room Marquise Sunflower(+$300.00)View Details
Marquise Chiffon - What A Room Marquise Chiffon(+$300.00)View Details
Marquise Gold - What A Room Marquise Gold(+$300.00)View Details
Marquise Curry - What A Room Marquise Curry(+$300.00)View Details
Marquise Coffee - What A Room Marquise Coffee(+$300.00)View Details
Marquise Aloe - What A Room Marquise Aloe(+$300.00)View Details
Bella Agave - What A Room Bella Agave(+$300.00)View Details
Bella Apple - What A Room Bella Apple(+$300.00)View Details
Marquise Leaf - What A Room Marquise Leaf(+$300.00)View Details
Marquise Emerald - What A Room Marquise Emerald(+$300.00)View Details
Marquise Willow - What A Room Marquise Willow(+$300.00)View Details
Marquise Spruce - What A Room Marquise Spruce(+$300.00)View Details
Bella Hunter - What A Room Bella Hunter(+$300.00)View Details
Marquise Lagoon - What A Room Marquise Lagoon(+$300.00)View Details
Marquise Carribean - What A Room Marquise Carribean(+$300.00)View Details
Marquise Nile - What A Room Marquise Nile(+$300.00)View Details
Bennett Peacock - What A Room Bennett Peacock(+$300.00)View Details
Marquise Aqua - What A Room Marquise Aqua(+$300.00)View Details
Marquise Teal - What A Room Marquise Teal(+$300.00)View Details
Contessa Peacock - What A Room Contessa Peacock(+$300.00)View Details
Marquise Pine - What A Room Marquise Pine(+$300.00)View Details
Marquise Aubergine - What A Room Marquise Aubergine(+$300.00)View Details
Marquise Rose - What A Room Marquise Rose(+$300.00)View Details
Marquise Pink - What A Room Marquise Pink(+$300.00)View Details
Marquise Mauve - What A Room Marquise Mauve(+$300.00)View Details
Bella Aubergine - What A Room Bella Aubergine(+$300.00)View Details
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Lounge Corner Wedge Sectional - What A Room

Build Your Comfy Corner Wedge Lounge Sectional

Design a modern and versatile sectional sofa with our Lounge Corner Wedge. It features a simple, sleek design with straight track arms, fitting any living room style. The added corner wedge provides extra space, ideal for families, pets, or for lounging and sleeping. This sectional is constructed with a durable, kiln-dried solid wood frame and high-gauge sinuous springs in the base, ensuring the cushions remain supportive and don't sag, while still being comfortably bouncy. The seat cushions are made of long-lasting polyfoam, encased in polyester fiber for extra support. Handcrafted in California, this custom-made furniture can be ready for delivery in 4-6 weeks. You can choose from a wide range of over 150 fabric options, including both easy-to-clean materials and luxurious velvets, to find the perfect match for your lifestyle and aesthetic.

Lounge Corner Wedge Sectional - What A Room

Lounge Comfy Large L Shaped Couch Dimensions

  • Sectional Total Width: Choose Your Size
  • Sectional Total Length: Choose Your Size
  • Sectional Total Depth: 40-42"

  • Sectional Total Height: 38"
  • Sectional Seat Height: 19.5"
  • Arm Width: 6.5"
  • Arm Height: 28"
  • Leg Height: 3"
Custom Made High Quality Sofa Material

High Quality Sofa Materials

  • Custom frame crafted in California with kiln-dried solid wood for durability.
  • High-gauge sinuous spring foundation supports cushions and adds a slight bounce for comfort.
  • Foam Cushions are CertiPUR-US certified
  • Soft, Medium & Firm seat cushions feature a 2.2 density high-resilient polyfoam core wrapped in polyester fiber for durability. Read more on our cushion firmness.
  • Premium Down-Fill cushions have a high density polyfoam core wrapped in a blend of fiber and feather-down encased in downproof ticking for a luxurious sink-in feel.
  • All fabrics are PFA chemicals free

Get 8 free fabric samples delivered to you.

Our collection has a diverse range of over 150 fabric choices, encompassing everything from easy-to-clean performance fabrics and intricate woven textures to luxurious soft velvets, ensuring you find the perfect match for your style and functional needs.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 1 review
Tony P

Whatacouch! thanks Whataroom!!

We've been trying to look for a couch that would fit our space and style but had no luck. We came to WhataRoom and Ken recommended we build a custom couch. Ken made his recommendations on material, dimension, and style and so we decided to order our couch.

The couch was completed on time, as promised, and delivery was very professional; they got the couch up two flights of narrow stairs without any damages.

Being custom and a not cookie-cutter couch, the cushions came out with different stiffness, Ken had no problem taking it back to the manufacture to get themt fix.

We are very please with our purchase and the whole process. It was exactly what we wanted and fits perfectly in our home. Thanks Whataroom.

Would definitely recommend to anyone shopping for furniture.