Picking The Right Sectional & Sofa Configuration

Written by: Tony Hoang

The sofa is the heart of the living room, a piece of furniture that hosts laughter, conversations, and quality time with family and friends. Whether you prefer a loveseat's compact design, an L-shaped sectional's functionality, or a curved sofa's trendy design, the essential furniture piece is crucial for the living room layout. 

With different types of couch configuraiton available, each one offers a unique combination of comfort, functionality, and aesthetics. In this article, we explore the diverse world of sofas and explain the importance of selecting the right one. 


Loveseat refers to a small sofa intended for two people. The compact design provides an intimate seating arrangement, which can be used in different living room layouts. The loveseat is perfect for small living rooms and other spaces where a bulkier sofa doesn't fit the dimensions. 

A loveseat is also a great option for complementary seating in a large living room. But also it adds a seating option in home offices and bedrooms. In addition, it is a common choice for waiting areas in commercial spaces.

Even though the loveseat is compact and versatile, it provides limited seating capacity. Due to its small size, the loveseat doesn't offer reclining and lounging options. 

Bench Seat Sofa

The bench seat sofa comes with a streamlined design that features a long and continuous cushioned seat. The seat doesn't have separate cushions, which brings visual continuity. 

The bench seat sofa has a sleek and minimalist look, thanks to the absence of individual seat cushions. The design makes it suitable for modern living room styles. 

The bench seat sofa provides a continuous surface, perfect for seating multiple people. This design is very comfortable and convenient since you won't need to adjust the cushions. 

However, the bench seat sofa comes with its disadvantages. The single cushion might not feel comfortable. Also, the cleaning process of one single cushion can be challenging. 

2 Seat Sofa

A 2-seat sofa is designed to seat two people. Even though this is similar to a loveseat, there is an essential difference between these two sofa styles. They are both intended for two people, but the loveseat is smaller than the 2 seat sofa. The loveseat also favored looks over functionality. 

A 2-seat sofa is ideal for small spaces where you want to provide comfort but save on floor space. However, this sofa type might not offer comfort for tall individuals. 

3 Seat Sofa

The 3-seat sofa is designed to seat three people comfortably. It is a common choice for large living rooms and ample seating areas. The couch provides plenty of space for seating but also allows you to get comfortable and lie down. 

The 3 seat sofas can come with a pull-out bed, enhancing its functionality. The sleeper sofa can be easily turned into a bed, providing extra sleeping space to accommodate your overnight guests. 

Due to the size, a 3 seat sofa might not fit small living rooms. Also they are more expensive than other smaller sofa options. 

Curved Sofa

A curved sofa features a round silhouette and a very pronounced curve. This sofa type is a huge trend in interior design, as the accent is put on flowy shapes. This design brings elegance to the living room and makes a remarkable statement with its unique shape. 

Thanks to the curved design, this sofa creates an intimate area that fosters conversations. But also this advantage makes the curved sofa favorable for living rooms where the entertainment function is a priority.

On the other hand, these sofas occupy more floor space. Also, they can be challenging to incorporate into your living room layout. Regarding the price, be ready to pay more than a traditional 3-seat sofa. 

Sofa With Chaise

A sofa with a chaise is a traditional sofa with an elongated extension on o  to ne side. This extension is called a chaise, and its purpose is to provide additional seating space or a footrest for relaxing. However, remember that the chaise doesn't have a cushioned back.

The chaise sofa is ideal for a casual living room where you want to relax after a long day. The design that combines a couch and a chaise lounge is perfect for compact living rooms where you want to maximize the space. However, remember that it costs more and requires more flooring space than a regular sofa. 

L Shaped Sectional

This sofa type provides plenty of seating space with a design that forms an L-configuration. It is commonly used for large living rooms where you need extra seating space to accommodate more people.

The L shape provides plenty of seating space, which is ideal for large families or ones who love to host guests. The sofa is comfortable and works for various purposes, such as sitting, lounging, and napping. 

However, these sofas lack flexibility, so you can't adapt the seating layout to your needs. Since they are larger, they take up more floor space, making it difficult to get them through narrow doorways. 

Sectional With Corner Wedge

The corner of an L-shaped sectional is practically unusable since the person seated there doesn't have leg space. A sectional with a corner wedge features a slight update to this design, allowing the person to be seated more comfortably. The wedge in the corner provides leg space, accommodating more people than a sectional.

On the other hand, the extra features increase the price tag of a sectional with a coroner wedge. Also, this sofa is bulky, making installing and altering the layout more difficult. 

Bumper Sectional

While a bumper sectional and chaise sofa have a similar design, there is one key difference. While the sectional has an arm on the extension, the bumper sofa has a back cushion. Therefore, the extended part on the bumper section provides a comfortable seating area.

The bumper sectional creates a pleasant seating area that encourages conversations. It also provides more seating space than a traditional sofa. Also, it can be placed in a corner and maximize the space in small living rooms. 

However, the bumper sectional tends to cost more due to the addition in design. Also, it isn't very flexible when arranging a layout. 

U Sectional

The U sectional has extensions on both sides, providing plenty of seating space. This type of sofa is available in different sizes to pick the right fit for your living room. The sofa features a modular arrangement, combining sofas, corner pieces, and chaises to create a comfortable seating area. 

The U sectional creates a multifunctional area for relaxing, conversations, and entertainment. Thanks to the remarkable design, it becomes the main focal point in the living room. But it also helps define living rooms in open-plan spaces.

Some of the limiting factors include requiring ample floor space, no flexibility, high price, and maintenance. 

Double Chaise U Sectional

The Double Chaise U Sectional has extensions on both sides of the sofa. Even though the design is similar to a U-sectional, there is a clear difference. The double chaise Double Chaise U Sectional includes two elongations, which must be the same length. In comparison, the length can vary in the U Sectional.

The double chaise U Sectional features an asymmetrical design, which brings visual balance to the space. It provides a traditional seating area along with lounging and reclining options. 

U Sectional With Single Chaise

The U Sectional With Single Chaise and the double chaise sectional are similar in terms of design and purpose. But the main difference is in the length of the extensions. A double chaise U sectional has two extensions of the same size, while they don't have to be identical in the latter. 

Also, the chaise part doesn't come with a backrest, while the other side does. It combines the functionality of a U sectional, coming with a chaise as a footrest. The design allows comfort and can fit awkward living room layouts. 

Final Thoughts

Now, when you know the differences between different types of sofa, you can pick the one that suits your space. We understand that everyone has unique preferences when it comes to sofas. Whether you're looking for a compact loveseat, a cozy chaise sofa, or an ample U sectional, we have a wide range of designs.