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Lounge Comfy L Shape Sectional Sofa

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Buy Now - Decide Later - What A Room Buy Now - Decide Later(+$300.00)View Details
Bella Buckwheat - What A Room Bella Buckwheat(+$300.00)View Details
Bella Cornflower - What A Room Bella Cornflower(+$300.00)View Details
Bella Dove - What A Room Bella Dove(+$300.00)View Details
Bella Granite - What A Room Bella Granite(+$300.00)View Details
Bella Midnight Fabric BELLAMIDNIGHT Bella Midnight(+$300.00)View Details
Bella Otter - What A Room Bella Otter(+$300.00)View Details
Bella Pewter Fabric BELLAPEWTER Bella Pewter(+$300.00)View Details
Bella Skylight Fabric BELLASKYLIGHT Bella Skylight(+$300.00)View Details
Bella Toast - What A Room Bella Toast(+$300.00)View Details
Bella White - What A Room Bella White(+$300.00)View Details
Bennett Almond - What A Room Bennett Almond(+$300.00)View Details
Bennett Charcoal - What A Room Bennett Charcoal(+$300.00)View Details
Bennett Denim - What A Room Bennett Denim(+$300.00)View Details
Bennett Dove - What A Room Bennett Dove(+$300.00)View Details
Bennett Indigo - What A Room Bennett Indigo(+$300.00)View Details
Bennett Ink - What A Room Bennett Ink(+$300.00)View Details
Bennett Moon - What A Room Bennett Moon(+$300.00)View Details
Modern Velvet Ivory - What A Room Modern Velvet Ivory(+$300.00)View Details
Modern Velvet White - What A Room Modern Velvet White(+$300.00)View Details
Elite Charcoal - What A Room Elite Charcoal(+$300.00)View Details
Bonterra Sand - What A Room Bonterra Sand(+$300.00)View Details
Oberon Parchment - What A Room Oberon Parchment(+$300.00)View Details
Tavis Sand - What A Room Tavis Sand(+$300.00)View Details
Bradley Cream - What A Room Bradley Cream(+$300.00)View Details
Marquise Ecru - What A Room Marquise Ecru(+$300.00)View Details
Neville Linen - What A Room Neville Linen(+$300.00)View Details
Zander Sand - What A Room Zander Sand(+$300.00)View Details
Devon Sand - What A Room Devon Sand(+$300.00)View Details
Delux II Oyster - What A Room Delux II Oyster(+$300.00)View Details
Marquise Linen - What A Room Marquise Linen(+$300.00)View Details
Zander Flax - What A Room Zander Flax(+$300.00)View Details
Bliss Parchment - What A Room Bliss Parchment(+$300.00)View Details
Elite Sand - What A Room Elite Sand(+$300.00)View Details
Sheepskin Toast - What A Room Sheepskin Toast(+$300.00)View Details
Oslo Camel - What A Room Oslo Camel(+$300.00)View Details
Dalton Sand - What A Room Dalton Sand(+$300.00)View Details
Helio Linen - What A Room Helio Linen(+$300.00)View Details
Nevis Linen - What A Room Nevis Linen(+$300.00)View Details
Eton Linen - What A Room Eton Linen(+$300.00)View Details
Bella Beach - What A Room Bella Beach(+$300.00)View Details
Phat Sand - What A Room Phat Sand(+$300.00)View Details
Elan Sand - What A Room Elan Sand(+$300.00)View Details
Ashford Flax - What A Room Ashford Flax(+$300.00)View Details
Contessa Khaki - What A Room Contessa Khaki(+$300.00)View Details
Helio Sand - What A Room Helio Sand(+$300.00)View Details
Duo Taupe - What A Room Duo Taupe(+$300.00)View Details
Nevis Khaki - What A Room Nevis Khaki(+$300.00)View Details
Dudley II Burlap - What A Room Dudley II Burlap(+$300.00)View Details
Devon Mouse - What A Room Devon Mouse(+$300.00)View Details
Klein III White - What A Room Klein III White(+$300.00)View Details
Neville White - What A Room Neville White(+$300.00)View Details
Contessa Vanilla - What A Room Contessa Vanilla(+$300.00)View Details
Ashford Cream - What A Room Ashford Cream(+$300.00)View Details
Helio Ivory - What A Room Helio Ivory(+$300.00)View Details
Eton Ivory - What A Room Eton Ivory(+$300.00)View Details
Neville Natural - What A Room Neville Natural(+$300.00)View Details
Elite Ivory - What A Room Elite Ivory(+$300.00)View Details
Oberon Ivory - What A Room Oberon Ivory(+$300.00)View Details
Contessa Ivory - What A Room Contessa Ivory(+$300.00)View Details
Marquise Ivory - What A Room Marquise Ivory(+$300.00)View Details
Empire III Ivory - What A Room Empire III Ivory(+$300.00)View Details
Navarro II Ivory - What A Room Navarro II Ivory(+$300.00)View Details
Duo Ivory - What A Room Duo Ivory(+$300.00)View Details
Klein III Ivory - What A Room Klein III Ivory(+$300.00)View Details
Bella Bone - What A Room Bella Bone(+$300.00)View Details
Neville Oyster - What A Room Neville Oyster(+$300.00)View Details
Hampstead Oyster - What A Room Hampstead Oyster(+$300.00)View Details
Eton Oyster - What A Room Eton Oyster(+$300.00)View Details
Donnelly Oyster - What A Room Donnelly Oyster(+$300.00)View Details
Dalton Stone - What A Room Dalton Stone(+$300.00)View Details
Bliss Dove - What A Room Bliss Dove(+$300.00)View Details
Contessa Oyster - What A Room Contessa Oyster(+$300.00)View Details
Devon Platinum - What A Room Devon Platinum(+$300.00)View Details
Bella Grey - What A Room Bella Grey(+$300.00)View Details
Contessa Dove - What A Room Contessa Dove(+$300.00)View Details
Bonterra Dove - What A Room Bonterra Dove(+$300.00)View Details
Empire III Dove - What A Room Empire III Dove(+$300.00)View Details
Helio Oyster - What A Room Helio Oyster(+$300.00)View Details
Hampstead Dove - What A Room Hampstead Dove(+$300.00)View Details
Ashford Cement - What A Room Ashford Cement(+$300.00)View Details
Elite Dove - What A Room Elite Dove(+$300.00)View Details
Oberon Grey - What A Room Oberon Grey(+$300.00)View Details
Eton Stone - What A Room Eton Stone(+$300.00)View Details
Tavis Pewter - What A Room Tavis Pewter(+$300.00)View Details
Oberon Dove - What A Room Oberon Dove(+$300.00)View Details
Eton Grey - What A Room Eton Grey(+$300.00)View Details
Marquise Dove - What A Room Marquise Dove(+$300.00)View Details
Duo Platinum - What A Room Duo Platinum(+$300.00)View Details
Dalton Dove - What A Room Dalton Dove(+$300.00)View Details
Bella Cement - What A Room Bella Cement(+$300.00)View Details
Marquise Cement - What A Room Marquise Cement(+$300.00)View Details
Oberon Graphite - What A Room Oberon Graphite(+$300.00)View Details
Helio Pewter - What A Room Helio Pewter(+$300.00)View Details
Devon Heather - What A Room Devon Heather(+$300.00)View Details
Marquise Sable - What A Room Marquise Sable(+$300.00)View Details
Elite Ash - What A Room Elite Ash(+$300.00)View Details
Helio Mocha - What A Room Helio Mocha(+$300.00)View Details
Contessa Taupe - What A Room Contessa Taupe(+$300.00)View Details
Helio Granite - What A Room Helio Granite(+$300.00)View Details
Eton Cocoa - What A Room Eton Cocoa(+$300.00)View Details
Marquise Taupe - What A Room Marquise Taupe(+$300.00)View Details
Dalton Praline - What A Room Dalton Praline(+$300.00)View Details
Eton Praline - What A Room Eton Praline(+$300.00)View Details
Dalton Mocha - What A Room Dalton Mocha(+$300.00)View Details
Donnelly Ash - What A Room Donnelly Ash(+$300.00)View Details
Bella Ash - What A Room Bella Ash(+$300.00)View Details
Dalton Toffee - What A Room Dalton Toffee(+$300.00)View Details
Bella Coffee - What A Room Bella Coffee(+$300.00)View Details
Marquise Cocoa - What A Room Marquise Cocoa(+$300.00)View Details
Bella Mocha - What A Room Bella Mocha(+$300.00)View Details
Marquise Truffle - What A Room Marquise Truffle(+$300.00)View Details
Bella Espresso - What A Room Bella Espresso(+$300.00)View Details
Elite Chocolate - What A Room Elite Chocolate(+$300.00)View Details
Contessa Java - What A Room Contessa Java(+$300.00)View Details
Marquise Java - What A Room Marquise Java(+$300.00)View Details
Eton Fog - What A Room Eton Fog(+$300.00)View Details
Hampstead Graphite - What A Room Hampstead Graphite(+$300.00)View Details
Duo Pewter - What A Room Duo Pewter(+$300.00)View Details
Neville Graphite - What A Room Neville Graphite(+$300.00)View Details
Tavis Ash - What A Room Tavis Ash(+$300.00)View Details
Elite Pewter - What A Room Elite Pewter(+$300.00)View Details
Bonterra Charcoal - What A Room Bonterra Charcoal(+$300.00)View Details
Donnelly Graphite - What A Room Donnelly Graphite(+$300.00)View Details
Marquise Pewter - What A Room Marquise Pewter(+$300.00)View Details
Dalton Graphite - What A Room Dalton Graphite(+$300.00)View Details
Bradley Pewter - What A Room Bradley Pewter(+$300.00)View Details
Bella Thunder - What A Room Bella Thunder(+$300.00)View Details
Eton Charcoal - What A Room Eton Charcoal(+$300.00)View Details
Marquise Graphite - What A Room Marquise Graphite(+$300.00)View Details
Contessa Charcoal - What A Room Contessa Charcoal(+$300.00)View Details
Navarro II Pewter - What A Room Navarro II Pewter(+$300.00)View Details
Bella Smoke - What A Room Bella Smoke(+$300.00)View Details
Empire III Charcoal - What A Room Empire III Charcoal(+$300.00)View Details
Bradley Char - What A Room Bradley Char(+$300.00)View Details
Helio Smoke - What A Room Helio Smoke(+$300.00)View Details
Bella Asphalt - What A Room Bella Asphalt(+$300.00)View Details
Hampstead Gunmetal - What A Room Hampstead Gunmetal(+$300.00)View Details
Marquise Charcoal - What A Room Marquise Charcoal(+$300.00)View Details
Dalton Charcoal - What A Room Dalton Charcoal(+$300.00)View Details
Neville Charcoal - What A Room Neville Charcoal(+$300.00)View Details
Marquise Gunmetal - What A Room Marquise Gunmetal(+$300.00)View Details
Bliss Charcoal - What A Room Bliss Charcoal(+$300.00)View Details
Duo Charcoal - What A Room Duo Charcoal(+$300.00)View Details
Bella Shadow - What A Room Bella Shadow(+$300.00)View Details
Bennett Black - What A Room Bennett Black(+$300.00)View Details
Contessa Ebony - What A Room Contessa Ebony(+$300.00)View Details
Marquise Black - What A Room Marquise Black(+$300.00)View Details
Navarro II Ice - What A Room Navarro II Ice(+$300.00)View Details
Bella Steel - What A Room Bella Steel(+$300.00)View Details
Empire III Ice - What A Room Empire III Ice(+$300.00)View Details
Marquise Surf - What A Room Marquise Surf(+$300.00)View Details
Marquise Capri - What A Room Marquise Capri(+$300.00)View Details
Empire III Steel - What A Room Empire III Steel(+$300.00)View Details
Devon Baltic - What A Room Devon Baltic(+$300.00)View Details
Contessa Shadow - What A Room Contessa Shadow(+$300.00)View Details
Empire III Shadow - What A Room Empire III Shadow(+$300.00)View Details
Navarro II Ink - What A Room Navarro II Ink(+$300.00)View Details
Hampstead Slate - What A Room Hampstead Slate(+$300.00)View Details
Bella Lagoon - What A Room Bella Lagoon(+$300.00)View Details
Marquise Delft - What A Room Marquise Delft(+$300.00)View Details
Donnelly Ocean - What A Room Donnelly Ocean(+$300.00)View Details
Bella Slate - What A Room Bella Slate(+$300.00)View Details
Marquise Cornflower - What A Room Marquise Cornflower(+$300.00)View Details
Marquise Vapor - What A Room Marquise Vapor(+$300.00)View Details
Neville Indigo - What A Room Neville Indigo(+$300.00)View Details
Eton Indigo - What A Room Eton Indigo(+$300.00)View Details
Hampstead Navy - What A Room Hampstead Navy(+$300.00)View Details
Donnelly Navy - What A Room Donnelly Navy(+$300.00)View Details
Marquise Navy - What A Room Marquise Navy(+$300.00)View Details
Elite Indigo - What A Room Elite Indigo(+$300.00)View Details
Helio Indigo - What A Room Helio Indigo(+$300.00)View Details
Empire III Indigo - What A Room Empire III Indigo(+$300.00)View Details
Duo Navy - What A Room Duo Navy(+$300.00)View Details
Marquise Saphire - What A Room Marquise Saphire(+$300.00)View Details
Bella Ink - What A Room Bella Ink(+$300.00)View Details
Ashford Midnight - What A Room Ashford Midnight(+$300.00)View Details
Marquise Midnight - What A Room Marquise Midnight(+$300.00)View Details
Marquise Adobe - What A Room Marquise Adobe(+$300.00)View Details
Marquise Safron - What A Room Marquise Safron(+$300.00)View Details
Marquise Coral - What A Room Marquise Coral(+$300.00)View Details
Marquise Red - What A Room Marquise Red(+$300.00)View Details
Contessa Ginger - What A Room Contessa Ginger(+$300.00)View Details
Marquise Rust - What A Room Marquise Rust(+$300.00)View Details
Marquise Orange - What A Room Marquise Orange(+$300.00)View Details
Marquise Sunflower - What A Room Marquise Sunflower(+$300.00)View Details
Marquise Chiffon - What A Room Marquise Chiffon(+$300.00)View Details
Marquise Gold - What A Room Marquise Gold(+$300.00)View Details
Marquise Curry - What A Room Marquise Curry(+$300.00)View Details
Marquise Coffee - What A Room Marquise Coffee(+$300.00)View Details
Marquise Aloe - What A Room Marquise Aloe(+$300.00)View Details
Bella Agave - What A Room Bella Agave(+$300.00)View Details
Bella Apple - What A Room Bella Apple(+$300.00)View Details
Marquise Leaf - What A Room Marquise Leaf(+$300.00)View Details
Marquise Emerald - What A Room Marquise Emerald(+$300.00)View Details
Marquise Willow - What A Room Marquise Willow(+$300.00)View Details
Marquise Spruce - What A Room Marquise Spruce(+$300.00)View Details
Bella Hunter - What A Room Bella Hunter(+$300.00)View Details
Marquise Lagoon - What A Room Marquise Lagoon(+$300.00)View Details
Marquise Carribean - What A Room Marquise Carribean(+$300.00)View Details
Marquise Nile - What A Room Marquise Nile(+$300.00)View Details
Bennett Peacock - What A Room Bennett Peacock(+$300.00)View Details
Marquise Aqua - What A Room Marquise Aqua(+$300.00)View Details
Marquise Teal - What A Room Marquise Teal(+$300.00)View Details
Contessa Peacock - What A Room Contessa Peacock(+$300.00)View Details
Marquise Pine - What A Room Marquise Pine(+$300.00)View Details
Marquise Aubergine - What A Room Marquise Aubergine(+$300.00)View Details
Marquise Rose - What A Room Marquise Rose(+$300.00)View Details
Marquise Pink - What A Room Marquise Pink(+$300.00)View Details
Marquise Mauve - What A Room Marquise Mauve(+$300.00)View Details
Bella Aubergine - What A Room Bella Aubergine(+$300.00)View Details
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Lounge Custom L Shaped Sectional Couch - What A Room

Handcrafted Sectional for Best Comfort

The Lounge Comfy L Shaped Sectional boasts an extra-comfy, large back cushion, delivering a lounge-like seating experience. As you sit back fully, you're able to sink into the cushion, ensuring maximum comfort.

This Modern Lounge Sectional has a durable solid wood frame, kiln-dried for extra strength. It uses high-gauge sinuous springs in the foundation to keep cushions supportive and prevent sagging, while also providing a comfortable bounce. The seat cushions are made with resilient polyfoam, surrounded by polyester fiber for lasting support. Handmade in California, delivery takes 4-6 weeks. You can choose from over 100 fabric options, including easy-to-clean materials and soft velvets, to match your style and needs.

Lounge Custom L Shaped Sectional Couch - What A Room

Lounge Comfy Sectional Couch Dimensions

  • Sectional Width: Choose Your Size
  • Sectional Length: Choose Your Size
  • Sectional Depth: 40-42"
  • Sectional Height: 38"

  • Seat Height: 19.5"
  • Arm Width: 6.5"
  • Arm Height: 28"
  • Leg Height: 3"
Custom Made High Quality Sofa Material

High Quality Sofa Materials

  • Custom frame crafted in California with kiln-dried solid wood for durability.
  • High-gauge sinuous spring foundation supports cushions and adds a slight bounce for comfort.
  • Foam Cushions are CertiPUR-US certified
  • Soft, Medium & Firm seat cushions feature a 2.2 density high-resilient polyfoam core wrapped in polyester fiber for durability. Read more on our cushion firmness.
  • Premium Down-Fill cushions have a high density polyfoam core wrapped in a blend of fiber and feather-down encased in downproof ticking for a luxurious sink-in feel.
  • All fabrics are PFA chemicals free

Get 8 free fabric samples delivered to you.

Our collection has a diverse range of over 150 fabric choices, encompassing everything from easy-to-clean performance fabrics and intricate woven textures to luxurious soft velvets, ensuring you find the perfect match for your style and functional needs.

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Customer Reviews

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Peter n.

Very professional! I came here from word of mouth. Great place for custom furniture at an excellent price. I would really recommend asking Dan for his advise on colors and style. He has great experience and taste, especially if you enjoy a more classy modern look.