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Tiffany Large Sectional with Wedge

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Bella Pewter Fabric BELLAPEWTER Bella Pewter(+$200.00)View Details
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Bella Rouge Fabric BELLAROUGE Bella Rouge(+$200.00)View Details
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Bella Toast - What A Room Bella Toast(+$200.00)View Details
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Bennett Charcoal - What A Room Bennett Charcoal(+$250.00)View Details
Bennett Denim - What A Room Bennett Denim(+$250.00)View Details
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Bennett Ink - What A Room Bennett Ink(+$250.00)View Details
Bennett Latte - What A Room Bennett Latte(+$250.00)View Details
Bennett Moon - What A Room Bennett Moon(+$250.00)View Details
Bennett Oat - What A Room Bennett Oat(+$250.00)View Details
Bennett Praline - What A Room Bennett Praline(+$250.00)View Details
Bennett Red - What A Room Bennett Red(+$250.00)View Details
Kentucky Ash - What A Room Kentucky Ash(+$250.00)View Details
Kentucky Berry - What A Room Kentucky Berry(+$250.00)View Details
Kentucky Camel - What A Room Kentucky Camel(+$250.00)View Details
Kentucky Charcoal - What A Room Kentucky Charcoal(+$250.00)View Details
Kentucky Cinnamon - What A Room Kentucky Cinnamon(+$250.00)View Details
Kentucky Denim - What A Room Kentucky Denim(+$250.00)View Details
Kentucky Grey - What A Room Kentucky Grey(+$250.00)View Details
Kentucky Linen - What A Room Kentucky Linen(+$250.00)View Details
Kentucky Mocha - What A Room Kentucky Mocha(+$250.00)View Details
Kentucky Moss - What A Room Kentucky Moss(+$250.00)View Details
Kentucky Navy - What A Room Kentucky Navy(+$250.00)View Details
Kentucky Olive - What A Room Kentucky Olive(+$250.00)View Details
Kentucky Silver - What A Room Kentucky Silver(+$250.00)View Details
Kentucky Taupe - What A Room Kentucky Taupe(+$250.00)View Details
Klein Black - What A Room Klein Black(+$250.00)View Details
Klein Charcoal - What A Room Klein Charcoal(+$250.00)View Details
Klein Chocolate - What A Room Klein Chocolate(+$250.00)View Details
Klein Dolphin - What A Room Klein Dolphin(+$250.00)View Details
Klein Ivory - What A Room Klein Ivory(+$250.00)View Details
Klein Laguna - What A Room Klein Laguna(+$250.00)View Details
Klein Marine - What A Room Klein Marine(+$250.00)View Details
Klein Midnight - What A Room Klein Midnight(+$250.00)View Details
Klein Mouse - What A Room Klein Mouse(+$250.00)View Details
Klein Pool - What A Room Klein Pool(+$250.00)View Details
Klein Rice Paper - What A Room Klein Rice Paper(+$250.00)View Details
Klein Saffron - What A Room Klein Saffron(+$250.00)View Details
Klein Tigers Eye - What A Room Klein Tigers Eye(+$250.00)View Details
Klein Wheatgrass - What A Room Klein Wheatgrass(+$250.00)View Details
Klein White - What A Room Klein White(+$250.00)View Details
Marlow Asphalt Fabric MARLOWASPHALT Marlow Asphalt(+$200.00)View Details
Marlow Bluebird - What A Room Marlow Bluebird(+$200.00)View Details
Marlow Burlap - What A Room Marlow Burlap(+$200.00)View Details
Marlow Charcoal - What A Room Marlow Charcoal(+$200.00)View Details
Marlow Chocolate - What A Room Marlow Chocolate(+$200.00)View Details
Marlow Dolphin Fabric MARLOWDOLPHIN Marlow Dolphin(+$200.00)View Details
Marlow Parrot - What A Room Marlow Parrot(+$200.00)View Details
Marlow Plum Fabric MARLOWPLUM Marlow Plum(+$200.00)View Details
Marlow Red - What A Room Marlow Red(+$200.00)View Details
Marlow Toast Fabric MARLOWTOAST Marlow Toast(+$200.00)View Details
Modern Velvet Adobe - What A Room Modern Velvet Adobe(+$250.00)View Details
Modern Velvet Aloe - What A Room Modern Velvet Aloe(+$250.00)View Details
Modern Velvet Aqua - What A Room Modern Velvet Aqua(+$250.00)View Details
Modern Velvet Black - What A Room Modern Velvet Black(+$250.00)View Details
Modern Velvet Blush - What A Room Modern Velvet Blush(+$250.00)View Details
Modern Velvet Camel - What A Room Modern Velvet Camel(+$250.00)View Details
Modern Velvet Cayenne - What A Room Modern Velvet Cayenne(+$250.00)View Details
Modern Velvet Cinnamon - What A Room Modern Velvet Cinnamon(+$250.00)View Details
Modern Velvet Citrine - What A Room Modern Velvet Citrine(+$250.00)View Details
Modern Velvet Dark Moss - What A Room Modern Velvet Dark Moss(+$250.00)View Details
Modern Velvet Flax - What A Room Modern Velvet Flax(+$250.00)View Details
Modern Velvet Fuchsia - What A Room Modern Velvet Fuchsia(+$250.00)View Details
Modern Velvet Gold - What A Room Modern Velvet Gold(+$250.00)View Details
Modern Velvet Gunmetal - What A Room Modern Velvet Gunmetal(+$250.00)View Details
Modern Velvet Ink - What A Room Modern Velvet Ink(+$250.00)View Details
Modern Velvet Ivory - What A Room Modern Velvet Ivory(+$250.00)View Details
Modern Velvet Mist - What A Room Modern Velvet Mist(+$250.00)View Details
Modern Velvet Moon - What A Room Modern Velvet Moon(+$250.00)View Details
Modern Velvet Oyster - What A Room Modern Velvet Oyster(+$250.00)View Details
Modern Velvet Petrol - What A Room Modern Velvet Petrol(+$250.00)View Details
Modern Velvet Sand - What A Room Modern Velvet Sand(+$250.00)View Details
Modern Velvet Shadow - What A Room Modern Velvet Shadow(+$250.00)View Details
Modern Velvet Shitake - What A Room Modern Velvet Shitake(+$250.00)View Details
Modern Velvet Slate - What A Room Modern Velvet Slate(+$250.00)View Details
Modern Velvet Ultramarine - What A Room Modern Velvet Ultramarine(+$250.00)View Details
Modern Velvet Vermillion - What A Room Modern Velvet Vermillion(+$250.00)View Details
Modern Velvet White - What A Room Modern Velvet White(+$250.00)View Details
Modern Velvet Willow - What A Room Modern Velvet Willow(+$250.00)View Details
Touch Pewter - What A Room Touch Pewter(+$250.00)View Details
Venice Caribbean - What A Room Venice Caribbean(+$200.00)View Details
Venice Charcoal - What A Room Venice Charcoal(+$200.00)View Details
Venice Dove - What A Room Venice Dove(+$200.00)View Details
Venice Flint - What A Room Venice Flint(+$200.00)View Details
Venice Granite - What A Room Venice Granite(+$200.00)View Details
Venice Kiwi - What A Room Venice Kiwi(+$200.00)View Details
Venice Linen - What A Room Venice Linen(+$200.00)View Details
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Tiffany Custom Large L Sectional with Wedge

Tiffany Custom Wedge L Sectional features a sloped arm & a unique corner wedge giving it a elegant design. Choose from over 100+ fabric colors and made to any size. Crafted with a high-quality frame and plush & comfortable cushions. USA made to order.


Robust build quality with kiln-dried solid wood architecture to extract moisture for added durability. Link spring frame with webbed backing. High resilient (HR) foam core with Dacron fiber wrapped seat cushion and pillows. 100+ fabric upholstery options. 

Tiffany Wedge L-Sectional - What A Room
Tiffany Wedge L-Sectional - What A Room

Tiffany Large L Sectional with Corner Wedge Dimensions

  • Sectional Total Width: Choose Your Size
  • Sectional Total Length: Choose Your Size
  • Sectional Total Depth: 36-44"
  • Sectional Total Height: 37"
  • Sectional Seat Height: 18.5"
  • Arm Width: 6"
  • Arm Height: 25"
  • Leg Height: 3"

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