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Tiburon TV Bench KD

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  • Variant: Amber
  • SKU: 803516-118
  • Weight: 33.0 lb
  • Product Type: Dining Bench


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Classic but also contemporary - the lines are thin enough to keep it securely in the contemporary realm - but still pronounced enough to maintain the classic look and feel. It is a beautiful acacia wood console-style TV bench that gets your electronics off the ground, but still offers traditional furniture looks and utilitarian storage space that is open and plentiful. 

Wide enough for most mainstream flat screen sizes, even larger screens can look great centered on the tabletop that reaches 15 inches deep and measures just over 43 inches wide. While it is too low to function as a traditional console, being only 15.5” tall, it certainly could be used creatively in a seating area as a coffee table or a utility piece for storage where a large room could soak up its dimensions. Where it truly shines though, is with a moderate to large-sized television atop, in front of low to the ground contemporary or modern furniture. 

The acacia wood has a unique construction that shows small slats of wood combined to form a tabletop surface that gives it a specialized look that highlights the variability of the wood grain and even honey-toned color of the acacia wood. This color and grain looks very similar to teak and the ambient glow to the piece enhances any warm space that needs a bit of contemporary flair.

Dimensions: 43.5"L x 15"W x 15.5"H

  • Material: Solid Acacia Wood
  • Assembly Required: Fully Assembled
  • UOM: Sold in quantities of 1
  • Oil Base Coating