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How to Hang Wall Art the Right Way

May 15 2020 – Ajay Garg

There’s no question that wall art makes the perfect addition to any room. It adds personality, dresses up blank walls, and pretty much completes the whole look. Here’s some quick tips on how to get it perfect.

1. Picking the right size

 The first rule is that your artwork should span two-thirds the width of the furniture that it hangs above. So, for example, if you’re hanging a single piece of artwork above a nine-foot-wide sofa, your wall art should be roughly six feet wide.

2. Finding the right height


In general, artwork should be hung at eye level. However, since everyone’s height varies, a safer bet is to hang your wall décor so that the midpoint is about 60 inches above the floor. It should also sit about four to six inches above the furniture, so keep that in mind when choosing the height of your artwork.

 3. Hanging multiples


When hanging multiple pieces of art, the easiest trick is to treat them as one single piece, and then follow all the same rules. Therefore, the collective pieces should span two-thirds of the furniture, with the midpoint hitting at 60 inches above the floor. The additional thing to keep in mind here is to keep about two to five inches of space in between each piece.

 4. Gallery walls


Once again, you’ll want to want to treat the collective group as a single piece and follow all the same rules. However, in this case, keep the space between each piece to just one or two inches. Gallery walls look best when each piece is close to the next, and it will also give you more room to use more artwork.

 5. Shelves


Love the layered look of shelves? Just keep following all the same rules for the right way to hang wall art. When using a single shelf, hang the shelf so that it’s about four to six inches above the furniture. Then, layer on artwork in various sizes, so that the midpoint of the biggest piece sits around 60 inches above the floor.


If you’re using double shelves, simply hang the highest shelf at 60 inches above the floor. Then, hang your lowest shelf so that it’s about four to six inches above the furniture. Be mindful to choose smaller pieces to layer, since you’ll have less height.