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Characteristics of Quality Furniture

January 21 2020 – Ajay Garg

Characteristics of Quality Furniture
Characteristics of Quality Furniture

Home furniture can be a significant investment. For this reason, you want your furniture to last as long as possible. While it may cost a bit more upfront, investing in high quality furniture can save you a sizable sum over time by preventing you from having to replace worn or broken furniture time and time again.

Characteristics of Quality Furniture

When you visit our san jose furniture store, you’ll see that the furniture we sell has some characteristics in common across the rooms it’s made for. Here are some of the traits you’ll notice in every piece of American made furniture in our product catalog:


  • Simplicity: While the decorative aspects and construction of our high quality furniture may be quite intricate, our furniture is easy to use. Accessibility and user-friendliness are two striking hallmarks of high quality furniture.

  • Low maintenance: Although you’ll need to care for your furniture to prolong its useful life regardless of its quality rating, high quality furniture is surprisingly – and refreshingly – low maintenance because it’s made to stand up to the rigors of daily life.

  • Durability: As the terms relate to furniture, “quality” and “durability” go hand in hand. In fact, the American made furniture in our store often becomes heirloom pieces that will last for generations.

  • Form and Function: Quality home furniture & custom sofas has the form to fit into the space it’s made for and the ability to complement the room’s aesthetic seamlessly. The furniture also has the functionality for regular use in a manner that will support the lifestyle of the people (or pets) who use it.


How Quality Furniture is Constructed

The way furniture is made speaks to its quality. High quality furniture is typically constructed with solid pieces of wood rather than plywood, particleboard, or fiberboard, which aren’t as durable. The wood used to construct quality furniture is without cracks and it doesn’t have an excessive number of knots which could compromise its longevity.


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