Most Comfortable Couches Custom Made For You

Written by: Tony Hoang

As a sofa manufacturer our mission is to make each and every sofa the most comfortable for the person buying it. Everyone has their own unique preference as what they deem comfortable. That could be a soft sink in feel of your seat and back cushion, or could be going extra deep to have more room for your kids and pets, or lounging on a chaise and watching your favorite movie or tv show.

What Makes A Couch Comfortable?

Seat depth, seat height, back pillow filling, seat cushion & fabric texture and feel are all subjective aspects that determine the most comfortable sofas. There is a wide range of density and firmness when it comes to seat cushions, which can be crafted from a variety of synthetic materials such as wool, down fill, or foam core. While some like nothing more than to settle into a plush couch, others are more comfortable with a more rigid, supportive couch.

When you shop for a couch at What A Room, you can personalize it to your exact specifications, ensuring that it is the most comfortable sofa for you.

Our Most Comfortable Couch

Alex MCM Sofa

Sleek and plush—that's the perfect combination for the Alex MCM Sofa. Consider the track arm's clean lines, which are softened by a little taper towards the rear. Stylish and contemporary, the Alex MCM bespoke couch is also friendly and practical. The fact that it works so well with both contemporary and classic styles is not surprising.

Even more appealing to a wide range of people is the seating profile of the Alex MCM Sofa. The sectional sofa's medium height of 19" and seating depth of 19"-25" make it comfortable for people of varying heights and sizes.

Recommended with the medium firm cushion. Between plush and firm, medium cushions provide a mix of shape and support. Built with padding that gives just a touch while you sit, the medium level keeps you upright but does not let you to sink too far down. 

Alex MCM Features:

  • Recommend Firmness: Medium
  • Medium Seat Height
  • Mid-Century Modern Design
  • 7" Dowel Legs
  • Comes with 2 matching pillows
  • 200+ Fabric Colors & Texture Options


  • Seat Height: 19"
  • Seat Depth: 19"-25"
  • Overall Depth: 36"-42"
  • Arm Width: 6"
  • Arm Height: 24"
  • Back Frame Height: 29"

Customer Review By Sage: 

We could not be more thrilled with our new couch. It is exactly what we wanted. It fits the space perfectly and is of the quality we were hoping for/expected. Customer service was great, and delivery was smooth and pain-free. I've already told multiple friends looking for new furniture about What a Room. I would 100% recommend What a Room to anyone looking for quality, customizable furniture for a reasonable price.

Most Comfortable Couch Alex MCM L Sectional Review

Most Comfy Soft Couch

Comfy Lounge Couch

Our Comfy Lounge Couch features a big back cushion that is super comfortable, providing a seating experience that is similar to that of a lounge. To get the highest possible level of comfort, you should be able to sink into the cushion when you sit back completely. A streamlined and airy design is achieved by discretely tucking the legs of the Comfy Lounge couch beneath its deck. This sofa is our most comfortable and laid-back option. The arms that are set back provide a feeling of depth.

The super comfy sofa seat cushions are constructed from high-quality 2.5lb density (HR) high-resilient foam, ensuring exceptional longevity & comfort. The suspension system utilizes high-gauge sinuous springs. Cushions that can be reversed and flipped. Detaching the zippered cushion coverings facilitates easy washing. The fabrics are free from PFAS chemicals.

Comfy Lounge Features:

  • Recommend Firmness: Soft or Down-Fill
  • Medium Seat Height
  • Deep Seating Depth
  • Tucked in Legs
  • Comes with 2 matching pillows
  • 200+ Fabric Options


  • Seat Height: 19"
  • Seat Depth: 20"-26"
  • Overall Depth: 38"-44"
  • Arm Width: 6.5"
  • Arm Height: 28"
  • Back Frame Height: 28"

Customer Review By Anthony Z

This comfy couch turned out perfectly! Steven was so helpful in answering all of our questions and they were able to customize the dimensions perfectly to fit our space. I highly recommend them! When deciding on firmness, we struggled which one to choose because we were not able to sit on the couch. We went with “Soft” and it is perfect. It a bit firmer than most “soft” couches but that’s exactly what we were looking for and we learned that while talking with Steven.

comfy lounge sofa review

Best Coziest Deep Couch

Daphne Deep Seat Couch

A modern and sophisticated look may be achieved with the Daphne Deep Seat Couches, which has two side cushions and a height of 16.5 inches. The low profile seat height allows you to go extra deep and sink in to the sofa. This is the most luxurious sofa series that we provide, with a maximum couch depth of 48 inches (with a seat depth of 31 inches). Making it possible for you to unwind in the comfort of your own home with your loved ones and pets. Make sure to choose either the soft seat cushion firmness or the premium plush down-fill option if you want your Daphne sofa to have the sensation of being as fluffy as a cloud.

Daphne Couch Features:

  • Recommend Firmness: Soft or Down-Fill
  • Low profile seating
  • Allows for extra deep sitting
  • Wide 8" track arms
  • Comes with 2 matching lumbar pillows
  • 200+ Fabric Options


  • Seat Height: 16.5"
  • Seat Depth: 21"-31"
  • Overall Depth: 38"-48"
  • Arm Width: 8"
  • Arm Height: 24"
  • Back Frame Height: 24"
  • Overall Height with Cushion: 31"

Customer Review By Helen N
The sectional, oh my ***, beautiful! We absolutely love it, it's soo comfortable, soft & deep. The pillows that came with it is also lovely with detailed stitching. I love the fabric material that the couch is made out of, it's velvet-like and soft. All of the couches from What A Room is made in California and of high quality. You know it when you sit and touch any of their couches. There's a lifetime warranty with all of their couches, which means that they last for a long time. Most places will never offer that kind of warranty since they would be out of business within a year.

daphne sofa chaise review

Most Comfortable Durable Sofa

Florida Bench Seat Sofa

The Florida Sofa is the perfect example of both simplicity and sturdiness. It was made to fit in with any living room and is guaranteed to last for a long time. This couch has thin 5-inch arms with a solid wood trim base. It looks good and lasts longer, so it's a good choice for both modern and traditional rooms. Its unique bench cushion, which is filled with a 2.5-pound high-resilience density seat cushion, goes above and beyond what is normally expected in the business. This high-density padding makes sure that the sofa stays comfy and strong over time. It also makes it much less likely that the sofa will sag, which makes sitting on it always more comfortable.

Florida Sofa Features:

  • Recommend Firmness: Medium or Firm
  • Lower seat height of 17" with higher arm height
  • Wood Base Trim
  • Minimalist slim 5" arms
  • Comes with 2 matching side pillows
  • 200+ Fabric Options


  • Seat Height: 17"
  • Seat Depth: 20"-26"
  • Overall Depth: 36"-42"
  • Arm Width: 5"
  • Arm Height: 27.5"
  • Back Frame Height: 27.5"

Customer Review By Helen N

Absolutely love this couch! I had been searching for a while to find a company that seemed trustworthy and a couch design that could truly be customized. Other companies had horror stories of not having furniture delivered, wrong fabrics, mismatched fabrics and terrible customer service. I was nervous because I live in Florida so had to do this sight unseen. After reading other reviews I contacted what a room. They sent fabric samples quick. Steven was responsive answered all my questions throughout the process and they delivered a couch beyond my expectation. Dimensions cushions fabric everything I was looking for. 

Florida L Shaped Couch Review

Best High Back Sofas

Tiffany Slope Arm Sofa

The Tiffany Custom Sofa stands out with its modern and elegant look, featuring sleek, sloped arms. Customers can effortlessly customize it according to their preferences, selecting from an extensive variety of fabrics, colors, sizes, and layouts to craft a unique piece that truly represents their individual style. The higher back gives more support to those who are taller or likes to sit back into the cushion.

Tiffany Features:

  • Recommend Firmness: Any
  • Higher Back Frame for Support
  • Medium Seat Height of 18"
  • 6" Slope Arm Design
  • 2 matching throw pillows included
  • 200+ fabric options


  • Seat Height: 18"
  • Seat Depth: 21"-26"
  • Overall Depth: 37"-42"
  • Arm Width: 6"
  • Arm Height: 24"
  • Back Frame Height: 30.5"
  • Overall Height with Cushion: 31"

Customer Review By Jen P: 

I love our new couch!! I spent a lot of time looking for a comfortable couch that would fit very specific dimensions. I went with What A Room based on reviews but also because all of their furniture is completely customized. I worked with Steven from across the country, he was extremely helpful. I was always surprised how quickly he would respond to emails! He even helped expedite the shipping process for us. The whole experience was wonderful and I am so happy.

Florida L Shaped Couch Review

How to Choose The Most Comfortable Couch?

Couch Seating Depth

Choose your seat depth based on how you like to sit. If you sit upright with your feet on the floor, aim for a seat that supports your thighs and keeps your knees at a 90-degree angle, with your feet flat on the ground. People between 5'5" and 5'11" might find 21" to 22" deep seats comfortable. Taller individuals could go for 23" to 25", while shorter people might prefer around 20".

If you like to sit more relaxed, like curling up, consider a deeper sofa. Add a few inches to the standard size for extra comfort, especially if you plan to use many accent pillows. For even more space, think about getting a sectional.

Consider the Seat Height

If the seat height of a couch is significantly incorrect, those who are taller may have a sensation of stooping rather than sitting, while those who are shorter may discover that their legs are suspended above the floor.

It's not uncommon for the seat depth and seat height to have an inverse connection, whereby a lower seat height is associated with a higher seat depth, and conversely. The typical range for seat height is 17" to 19". The standard range for couch total height from floor to back cushion top is 16" to 32". However, this might vary somewhat from one model to the next.

Seat Cushion Firmness & Filling

Because everyone has different couch preferences, What A Room lets you select the sofa that feels best for you. Some want a firm cushion that supports and keeps in shape, while others prefer a softer cushion that feels like resting on a cloud but needs frequent fluffing.

Our soft foam cushion provides comfort and flexibility for lengthy sit-downs. High-quality foam molds to your body and relieves strain on crucial regions. It feels like sinking into the cushion, not simply sitting. Our medium foam cushion is ideal for a compromise. It retains its form while providing adequate support to avoid sinking. It's great for posture without compromising comfort. However, the strong cushion supports. It's ideal for back sufferers and those who want a strong, sturdy sensation, making you feel like you're sitting on the cushion rather than sinking into it. This firmer choice, like mattress foams, ideal for individuals who require more support.

Our premium plush down-fill cushions are firmly packed with white goose down and feathers for a luxuriant & super cozy feel. Their fluffy appearance adds softness, and they adapt to your body for comfort and support. An occasional fluffing keeps them happy.

How to Buy the Most Comfortable Sofa?

What A Room enables customers to fully customize their sofas and sectionals. With over 10 styles and 8 different configurations—including sofa, sofa with chaise, L-shaped couch, bumper chaise sectional, U-shaped sectional, and double chaise sectional—you have a wealth of options to tailor your sofa to your exact comfort preferences. You can select the length, width, seat depth, and cushion firmness of your sofa (options include soft, medium, firm, and down fill). Choose from 200+ fabrics (such as velvets, weaves, performance fabrics, leathers, and microfiber), various leg options, and more.