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Ideas for Furnishing a Family Room

November 20 2019 – Ajay Garg

Choosing the styles and colors of your living room furniture such as sofas, chairs, ottomans, and entertainment centers that are right for you and your family is important as you want to make sure it is functional for a productive living room.

1. Find the perfect area rug

A focal area rug helps pull together the overall design of a room whether you have carpet or hardwood. You want to make sure the seating overlaps the area rug at least half way. You can use colors fromy our rug to bring in accent items, throw pillows, or other décor into the space.

2. Considering adding storage

Many times with kids, living spaces become a catch all for belongings, toys, and other random things. You can reduce the look of clutter by finding a place for some of these items to be stored. If you have wall space, consider adding a bookshelf for storage. You can also utilize floor space by selecting a coffee table that doubles as a storage ottoman.

3. Bring more light in.

If you like the look of drapes, consider a light-colored or sheer drape. If you have minimal windows in the space, consider adding a mirror directly across from an existing window to create an illusion and helps reflect more light.

4. Large artwork

Larger artwork not only makes a statement but also pulls together a room as a focal point. Lverage your room’s color palette and look for artwork with hints of the same color. 

5. Textures

Spice up your space with furniture and décor that provides different textures. This can easily be done with area rugs and accent pillows. Combine a few different textures to give the room character but try not to combine too many varieties as it can be tiresome to your guests' eyes.


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