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3 Living Room Trends for 2020
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3 Living Room Trends for 2020

From playing board games with friends to binging Netflix shoes, your living room probably plays host to a lot of your at-home leisure time. And because you spend so much time there, creating a functional, yet stylish, living room might be one of your biggest design priorities.

In hopes of bringing you closer to that perfectly-balanced living room, here are the trends for 2020:

1. Cool and comfy

Comfort is king, especially as the trendiest rooms are those that look inviting, not camera-ready or formal.

A living room built for lounging is here to stay. Look into getting plush sofas and sectionals with deep seats and soft cushions, fluffy pillows and blankets, and coffee tables made out of natural materials like wood, stone, or marble.

What A Room Furniture Blog - Cool and Comfy

 2. Eclectic boho-chic

Don’t think you have to have matching sets for your living room. Since a complementary color palette grounds the room, you can mix and match your decor items as you please. Boho-chic rooms feel cohesive but non-conforming and have a similar effect on the people in the room. Since nothing in the room is perfect, you really can relax in it.

Mix textiles to achieve this style. Look into sofas and sectionals with linen or leather fabric, wood coffee tables, and textured or antique rugs. Get playful!

What A Room Furniture Blog - Boho Chic

3. Minimal, but personal

Minimalism is here to stay especially “intimate minimalism.” It is comprised of the clean lines and white or neutral colors of regular minimalism, but punctuated with colorful or grand statements.

This style creates the intimate feeling of home. It gives the opportunity for color through art, a favorite trinket, or thoughtfully-curated shelf; and keeps the peaceful, minimal vibe.

More living rooms are featuring fewer, but more intentional, objects, like sturdy, timeless furniture and decor, as well as personal trinkets from travel. Instead of focusing on trends that can be over in a flash, people are surrounding themselves with meaningful belongings.

We recommend modern-style sofas with skinny legs and light-colored fabrics such as grey, taupe, cream, would work best with this style.

What A Room Furniture Blog - Minimal



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