Use the guide below to ensure your piece will fit in your space as well as through the doorways, hallways, stairways, and/or elevators it will have to pass through to get there.

  1. Find the dimensions of your furniture piece
  • These can be found on the product page 
  • Add an extra three inches to determine if a piece will fit through doorways, hallways, stairways, and elevators since the items will be boxed.
  • Recommend to lay masking or painter tape in the outline of your piece to ensure a perfect fit in your room.

  1. Measure for a smooth delivery
  • Pathway measurements - Consider the pathway the piece will need to travel from the street to the room where you wish to keep it.
  • Measure the items listed below along this path. Factor in low or angled ceilings, banisters, tight corners, and low-hanging light fixtures that may impede movement. Compare these measurements against the length, depth, and height of the piece (plus three inches to account for boxes) to ensure it will fit through each section of the pathway.


Measure from the inside of your doorjambs. Be careful to note how wide your doors can open, and accommodate for doorknobs. If the doors can be removed, that might be a good idea to prevent damages. 


Measure the width of your stairway (taking account if you have a handrail or post), and the height from the top and bottom steps to the ceiling. Be sure to look out for any sloped or curved surfaces. If your stairwell has a landing, make sure your piece can fit on and around it, both width and height.


Measure the height, width and depth, making sure the shortest measurement of your furniture is less than the width of your hallway.


It’s essential that you measure not only the interior of your elevator, but also the door openings themselves. Taking diagonal measurements from the bottom of the doors to the back upper corner of the elevator are helpful for taller pieces. 


  1. Prepare for delivery

  • Clear a pathway
  • Remove any potential obstacles such as plants, chairs, accent tables, or throw rugs.
  • Remove any frames, artwork, or light fixtures from walls to avoid bumps or scratches.
  • Please keep pets away.