Custom Made Sofa & Sectional Sofas, Couches with Chaise, & Loveseats

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Custom Sofas & Sectionals

Customize your custom sofa & sectionals size by the inch, variety of styles, colors & fabric, layout options and even different types of legs. From Custom Sofa Sectionals, L Sectionals w/ Chaise, Large L Sectionals, U Sectional with Chaise, U Sectional, Sofa, Condo Sofa, Love Seat, Matching Large Ottomans, Small Ottomans & Chairs.
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Custom Sofas & Sectionals

How to Build your own Custom Sofa or Sectional

Custom Sofas and Sectionals offer a unique way to customize your space. With WhatARoom San Jose Furniture, you can design a dream sofa or sectional without paying more than a standard piece from a competitor. That means you have control over the style, materials, cushion type and finishing touches - and you receive a gorgeous piece of custom-designed furniture in less turnaround time than anywhere else. 

Need something linear to fit along a long wall or divide a room? Or maybe you need an L-shaped custom sectional to help frame a space for entertaining. Maybe you just don’t want soft cushions that get saggy after a few months - WhatARoom can help with that. 

Our process is crafted to be intuitive and easy - let us show you how to customize a sofa in a few simple steps:

Pick A Style

We have dozens of styles to choose from. You can see all of our custom sofa and sectional styles HERE. From Traditional, to Modern, to Mid-Century to ultra-Contemporary, and everything in between, we have a style that will meet your needs. 

For this exercise let’s start with the bold, but still sensible contemporary styling we call Monolith. 

Monolith is perfect for rooms that need to be contemporary, but also need to be able to bridge or harmonize with other styles and decor blends. The square arms help to cap a space off, to allow you to customize easily in different areas of great rooms. You can see the monolith is available in multiple formats depending on your needs. An L-Sectional, or Chaise might make sense, but you can also get it in a linear standalone sofa style, or as a loveseat. 

Next we want to determine the size to make sure we have the right build length and 

Find your Size

If you have a wall, or built-in feature, we want to accommodate for it. Without custom dimensions, this wouldn’t be possible. In this case, let’s assume you want a simple linear design, with an extra long footprint to divide a room with your new sofa. 

We’ve chosen a 110” length. (A standard size might be 88” normally). You can click on the drop down sizing menu on the product page once you have chosen a style, allowing you to see immediate pricing and sizing information. You can see the pricing is extremely competitive given the huge change in length. 

We will next want to find an upholstery and color to match your needs. 

Choose a Fabric

We have over 70 fabrics to choose from, with the most popular being Microfiber (great for families with kids or heavy seat surface traffic) and Linens (gorgeous statement making looks).

You can select these fabrics on the same product page, by viewing the carousel color options and clicking on the one that speaks to you. Remember - we are able to produce a 100% custom piece as needed for your specifications, so you can also reach out to us to determine if we can create what you desire, even if it isn’t on the existing list of upholstery options. 

We like a neutral colorway like MARLOW BURLAP on the Monolith Sofa to keep that contemporary vibe flowing, and offers a good mix of shading for a clean contemporary space. A single click and we’ve chosen our color and fabric. You can find all of our Color and fabric information HERE.

Next we want to finish your new seating choice with style and comfort options so it’s truly the perfect custom sofa or sofa sectional for you. 


Add Finishing Touches

You can pick a firmness level for your cushions - many of our customers opt for more firm cushions to extend the life and looks of the sofa, but we have several to choose from. Note: we wrap our core foam in Dacron Fabric to ensure the shape is maintained after heavy use, and all of our sofas are built in the United States using premium techniques and materials. 

You can add leg style if your chosen sofa platform showcases the legs - and we have dozens of styles available. You can view all of our custom leg styles [here] - this will open in a new tab so you can navigate to your sofa product page to finish the process, without having to use the back button or lose any progress. 

With the Monolith, we think the classiness of a dark wood short leg makes the most sense, so it maintains that sleek, low to the ground floating effect that looks so good in contemporary rooms. Again - you may not agree with our choices - and that’s OK! We have so many options and such an easy customization interface that you can choose the best fit for your room, your style and your needs!

Just like that and you’ve created a custom sofa for your living area! Our industry best turnaround times will be able to deliver that custom creation to your home in a short time frame, exactly as you imagined it. 

We are proud to offer a large portfolio of stylish high-quality sofas and sectionals to our customers with an easy customization process. But we understand it may not be perfectly intuitive for some to order online for furniture like this. 

If you feel like you might want some help, we offer a FREE design consultation in the Bay Area that will assist you in finding the right measurements, picking a style that makes sense for your existing decor or architecture, and will make the process even easier. We’ve been offering this same service to our clients for years - and our high ratings and rave reviews prove a design consultation can be a game-changer

To work with one of our highly skilled design consultants, (408) 617-8512 or email us to set an appointment today, whether you are next to our showroom, or across the country. Our technology and team can assist you in imagining and creating the perfect custom sofa for your needs. 

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