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Furnishing with Velvet
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Furnishing with Velvet

Velvet Sofa in living room - What A Room FurnitureVelvet is associated with many eras and styles … think of the luxurious bed curtains that ensconced royalty during the Renaissance. Or, ’60s-era velvet jackets worn by Jimi Hendrix and Mick Jagger.

Velvet with its soft feel and luxurious vibe, is a popular choice in home furnishings. Sofas, loveseats, accent chairs, ottomans, benches, and decorative pillows wear velvet well, and for good reasons.

Colors that mimic precious jewels and sparkly crystals are popular choices for velvet this season. Hues such as Jade Green, Sapphire Blue, and Blush Pink are especially timely because they complement both cool and warm gray hues.  

Want to add an accent color to your home’s interiors? Look no further than an upholstered chair in velvet to enliven your living room, family room, home office, guest bedroom, or entryway.

Looking for an easy way to add character and charm to bedrooms, spacious walk-in closets, or luxurious bathrooms? Decorative ottomans and go-anywhere benches are versatile, for sure — in velvet, they’re downright captivating. Designs paired with gold finishes, treated to quilted effects, or embellished with fringe are stand-out options.

Velvet ottoman - What A Room Furniture

Easy-to-maintain velvet even earns a place in the kitchen or dining room, namely on bar stools, counter stools and dining chairs. In these applications, neutrals and pastels are poised to be top performers.

Velvet Dining Chairs - What A Room Furniture









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