Best Fabrics For Sofas & L Shaped Sectional

Written by: Tony Hoang

Here are a list of the best fabrics for custom couches & sectional sofas:

Performance Couch Fabric

Performance fabric are used for sofas and sectionals, designed with easy cleaning, stain resistance, and high endurance in mind and are built to sustain regular use. 

Performance fabrics are typically a mix of synthetic materials along with natural fibers. Synthetics like nylon, polyester, and spandex offer high durability compared to natural fibers such as cotton or wool. Different manufacturers use diverse ratios of these components to create their own unique blends.

Linen Couch Fabric

Linen isn't as tightly woven as cotton, which gives it a specific texture that can be slick and shiny or coarse and bumpy. One problem with linen is its knack for getting creased and stained rather quickly - a challenge you've probably seen if you own any linen clothes. That's why we suggest using high-quality linen for couches in busy areas of your home. High-quality linen is great if you have kids, pets, or someone who spills more often than not because it's sturdy and well-made. Unlike regular linen, performance linen maintains its shape effectively while still providing a soft and cozy feel.

Furthermore, linen is often chosen for slipcovers because it stands up to everyday wear while still looking stylish. It's easy to wash, making laundry day overly simple and providing flexibility for those who like to change their decor, whether that's for the different seasons or just because they felt like it.

Luxury Velvet Couch Fabric

Pure velvet screams luxury with a super smooth, silky feel. It helps make colors pop, creating extra bright shades filled with richness and grandeur. However, the downside to expensive silk velvets are the ease at which they get stained and their not so friendly price. For velvet couches that see everyday use in most homes, we totally recommend a better quality velvet. This type of material faces everyday wear and tear head-on, ensuring a long life and ongoing sophistication. When choosing your velvet, go for ones constructed from cleanable, high-performing polyester, because it stands up to fading, squishing, stains and daily demands while keeping that wonderful softness that velvet is known for. It has all the good stuff without any of the fuss.

Chenille Couch Fabric

Chenille, a relative of velvet, features closed loops instead of an open nap, providing a texture that is incredibly plush and cozy. It presents a more robust and chunky feel compared to velvet, ensuring enhanced durability. Like velvet, we advise opting for a performance chenille that offers resistance to stains. However, a word of caution for cat owners: the tufted pile that makes up chenille can be readily caught by the claws of cats (or dogs) that like to scratch!

Velvety Microfiber

This particular microfiber variant offers a texture akin to velvet, achieved through a unique weaving technique that endows it with a soft, plush feel reminiscent of velvet’s luxurious touch but at a fraction of the cost. It is both lavish and smooth to the touch, garnering favor among many.

If you love the feel of suede but want a cheaper option that resists stains, microfiber could be your ideal replacement. However, keep in mind that this fabric attracts hair & pet fur quite easily. So, you might want to reconsider if you have pets unless you’re fine about constantly rolling over the couch with a lint roller.

Brushed Microfiber

This kind of microfiber variant's specially made to be fuzzy and warm by brushing the fibers together. This cozy fabric is often chosen for bedsheets, thanks to its resistance to staining. The fibers are meticulously brushed together, creating a unique comforting texture. By combining softness and fluffiness, it also ensures stain resistance while appearing very inviting.

Polyester Microfiber

Nylon microfiber is a great alternative for sofa & sectionals that’s regularly used due to being tough and long-lasting, even outperforming polyester in staying power. Perfect for children’s furniture, as it features a water-repelling surface which simplifies future cleaning jobs. Please note these fibers are completely synthetic without any involvement of natural materials. Ideal for children's furniture use, features water-repellent surface, and is fully synthetic.

Microsuede Microfiber

By brushing fibers very, very closely together, you get microsuede which recreates the texture of suede with a nice soft touch. This fabric is preferable for upholstering furniture as it looks fancy while feeling comfortable. But unlike real suede, microsuede is more affordable. It's smooth to touch, looks classy, and is cheaper than authentic suede.

Premium Leather

A high-quality leather couch is often chosen for luxurious upholstery. Due to its elegance, durability, and resistance to stains, many iconic furniture designs often incorporate leather. It fits into various home decor styles, from super modern to always in style traditional settings. Plus, with each use, leather ages well, getting softer and forming a gorgeous patina over time. If allergies are an issue, leather doesn't trap allergens.

Faux Leather

However, it's important to note that leather costs more than fabric alternatives. If you’re on a budget, this could be a major decision-making factor, leading you towards fake leather as a possible option. Also, if you like changing your home decor frequently, swapping leather could cost significantly more than changing fabric covers. Also, there are usually less color options when it comes to leather.

Sunbrella Fabric

While not a conventional option for couches, Sunbrella fabric boasts numerous exceptional qualities that render it ideal for outdoor furniture or high-traffic areas. Its resistance to stains and water, along with its ability to endure direct sunlight without fading or cracking, set it apart. Moreover, with a wide array of colors and patterns offered, discovering the perfect Sunbrella fabric to complement your decor is effortless.

Whether you have a patio or desire to infuse your living room with vibrant hues and patterns, Sunbrella fabric is a compelling choice for your couch. Furthermore, it's simple upkeep and cleaning make it a pragmatic selection for bustling households. You can give sunbrella fabric for outdoor sofa a try, but overall it is a great option for any couch or sectional.