Get to Know 23 Living Room Furniture Style Designs

Written by: Tony Hoang

The living room is truly the heart of any house since it's where we showcase our creativity and unique style, transforming it into a joyously aesthetic space. The interior style you choose should not only set the mood for the rest of your home but also provide an ideal setting for family get togethers and entertaining guests. Here are some styles you can play around with - from colors and textures to patterns and furniture arrangements.

Organic Modern Style Living Rooms

This style unifies modern lines with nature's charm. Materials like bamboo pair impeccably with metals and glass. Houseplants and vertical gardens steal the show while asymmetrical furniture designs make a statement. Earthy tones scattered with blues and greens bring the tranquility of nature indoors.


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Minimalistic Style Living Room

Sometimes less is more, and this couldn't be truer for minimalistic living rooms. This approach can help create a fashionable and impactful space using a limited amount of standout furniture and decor. A funky, colored coffee table or some catchy decor pieces on your mantelpiece like cool silver candle holders can really liven up the room. The sofa arrangement should be commonsensical and practical, a woven rug can neatly bind things together without breaking the bank.

Shabby-Chic Style Living Room

Shabby-Chic is essentially a trip down memory lane filled with worn-out elegance. Each piece in this room feels like a cherished find from a vintage store, holding stories of yesteryears. Whitewashed furniture is common with lacy frills and gentle floral patterns. Pastel hues dance along with neutral bases adding a soft touch. It's not unusual to find reclaimed woods side by side with aged metals - all aiming to create comfort and timelessness.

Traditional Style Living Room

Traditional living rooms cover quite a range, spanning French countryside charm to classic neoclassical elegance. They're all about graceful furnishings, vibrant color combinations, bold drapes, antique accessories, plush rugs, dramatic lighting and polished layout appeal. Symmetrical design plays a big part in arranging these spaces, bestowing a balanced harmony through careful positioning of furnishings and structural elements. Their centerpiece? Usually an artistically striking painting that rivets attention.

Rustic Style Living Room

If you're based in a chilly region and crave a snug and welcoming feel, rustic living rooms could be your thing. They possess an enchanting vintage allure and are perfect if you have an eye for one-of-a-kind handmade treasures that grow precious over time. Rustic decor often includes large windows to let in that gorgeous natural light, rustic curtains with striking motifs and rich hues, and a pairing of vintage wooden coffee tables and robust wood furniture to add that signature rustic touch.


The rustic design teleports you to the peace of the countryside boasting of raw beauty. Reclaimed woods and rugged textures are fundamental, alongside traditional items. Prominent features include exposed beams, aged metal fixtures and barn-style doors. Earthy color palettes reign supreme, supplemented with faux animal hides and linen for adds comfort and connection to the past.

Eclectic Style Living Room

Sprinkle life into your living room space through eclectic decor that reflects your individual style with masterpieces you've collected over time. These assorted decors eloquently mix contrasting textures, like smooth and coarse textures, to layer depth and lure interest. Try something daring like juxtaposing a shaggy rug with hi-gloss metal finishes or contrasting couches, coffee tables with perky pillows that build an interesting yet tidy look.

Transitional Style Living Room 

A transitional living room is all about blending different design styles to conjure up a harmonious home decor. This captivating balance straddles the line between formal and relaxed decor - think soft textures, neutral shades, curved furnishings. Neutrals like cream and pastels dictate the palette, occasionally jazzed up with pillow pops of color or vibrant vases. Topping it off are art deco features offering a modern twist and further enhancing the whole transitional design.

Coastal Beach Style Living Room

Fancy an ambience that feels like you're forever at the beach? Try beach style living rooms! These spaces are open, breezy with minimal furniture and accessories that give off those sea-side vibes. Delicate blues, sandy textiles and driftwood details are pure beach classics while ropey decor items provide texture and depth. Nautical stripes only amplifying the coastal feeling.

Craftsman Style Living Room

Craftsman-style rooms are all about celebrating luxurious woods, sturdy furniture and warm color palettes. They have a cottage-like feel or a woodsy look where hardwood floors, custom-made furniture and accessories play lead roles. Features such as Exposed wooden beams, solid sofas and detailed wooden window casings add charm and sophistication, while mellowing natural light brings warmth and invitation.

Luxury Style Living Room

A luxury style living room is an embodiment of opulence, refinement, and sophistication. Unlike other styles that might emphasize simplicity or functionality alone, luxury interiors are about indulgence, grandeur, and an exquisite visual experience. Luxury living rooms often boast spacious, open floor plans that give a grand feel. High ceilings, sometimes adorned with chandeliers or intricate moldings, enhance the airy atmosphere. 

Mid Century Style Living Room

With their comfortable charm and focus on sunlight-nature integration, mid-century modern styles are well-loved by many designers and homeowners. Key features include furniture with wooden legs, nestled coffee tables, accent chairs and neutral color themes, often white for a clean finish that evokes simplicity and sophistication.


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Mid Century Style Living Room Furniture

Asian Style Living Room 

Drenched in elements of Feng Shui and Zen, the Asian living room goes beyond being just a room - it's an immersive experience. A collection of earth, wood, and water elements run the show here. You'll see influences from nature like artwork featuring delicate cherry blossoms, koi fish, or complex Chinese calligraphy. The furniture sits low, almost hugging the ground, reinforcing modesty and connection with mother earth. Lights might feature paper lanterns while silk or linen dominate the fabric scene. Harmony and balance take center stage here, every item has its rightful place which helps maintain that flow of positive energy.

Victorian Style Living Room

Hailing from the Victorian era, this style oozes luxury and magnificence. Think velvet sofas, elaborate curtains with tassels, and buttoned-up upholstery. Walls are adorned with complex patterns, often accompanied by large mirrors and timeless paintings. Heavy drapes in jewel tones give the finishing look. Glittering chandeliers and antique pieces take you on a luxurious journey back in time.

Southwestern Style Living Room

Taking cues from rustic American deserts, this style creates warmth and grittiness. Navajo patterns and earthy tones dominate. Handmade crafts, pottery, and woven baskets delineate the place. Exposed beams and clay tiles add authenticity. Plants native to these regions make brilliant natural decor.

Scandinavian Style Living Room

Inspired by Nordic countries, this style is a testament to simplicity and utility. Spaciousness is pivotal, with clutter banished altogether. Neutral shades create a fresh atmosphere. Sleek, multi-purpose furniture made from light-toned woods like beech or pine are common. Coziness is infused through soft textiles and natural light is harnessed to the maximum.

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Modern Style Living Room

Modern design germinated from German Bauhaus schools of design and the Scandinavians' focus on simplicity and function. A stark contrast to the fluid contemporary design, modern design stands firm within a specific timeframe. It's marked by neutral tones – blacks, whites, grays often punctuated by bold colors in artworks or accent pieces. Furniture is simple and clutter-free facilitating an airy, spacious vibe. The minimalistic decor doesn't compromise functionality and still adds class.

Bohemian Style Living Room

The Bohemian (often shortened to 'boho') aesthetic is a vibrant blend of eclectic and free-spirited influences drawn from global designs. The living room, a central hub for relaxation, gathering, and leisure, offers an ideal canvas to manifest this unique style. In a boho-themed living room, one can typically find pristine white walls, complemented by light wood touches and rattan furnishings. The space is enriched with textured fabrics, international decorative elements, and a verdant array of indoor plants.

Art Deco Style Living Room

Quintessentially Art Deco, this style reflects the Roaring Twenties' vibrancy, merging modern styles with exquisite workmanship. Expect premium materials like marble, jade, and fine woods. Furniture is angular with glossy finishes while signature patterns add interest. The aesthetics are further elevated by glamorous lighting fixtures and eye-catchy accents.

Mediterranean Style Living Room

This style brings together elements from Spain, Italy, and Greece, dousing the room in sun-soaked hues and coastal ethos. Whitewashed walls, rustic wood beams, and terracotta tiles are key elements, and colors echo the warmth of the regions. Weighty, intricate furniture epitomizes the style alongside textured walls and sea-inspired fabrics. Sprinkles of ornamental pieces around the space make the room feel cozy like a seaside villa.

Modern Farmhouse Style Living Room

Melding the traditional charm of farmhouse aesthetics with the sleek and functional features of modern design, the modern farmhouse style creates a harmonious blend of old and new. Drawing inspiration from mid-century modern motifs, this design integrates timeless pieces and clean lines, often juxtaposed with rattan and woven textures that add warmth and organic appeal.


The farmhouse style is an antidote to flashy urban life—it's timelessly stylish, featuring natural hues and organic materials. Think comfy sofas, raw decor elements, hardwood tables all eluding a casual vibe. Elements like stone walls, wooden ceilings, simple yet chic decor seal the deal and create a snug rural escape within your city dwelling.

Hollywood Glam Style Living Room

This design style is bold and attention-grabbing, ideal for those who wish to create a standout space. It often incorporates Victorian features such as luxurious velvet cushions, detailed tufting, and antique pieces. The furniture is distinguished, and the color schemes are vibrant, featuring shades like purple, red, and turquoise, complemented by gold and brass highlights.

Hollywood Glam Style Living Room Furniture

Simple Styles Living Room

Easy-to-implement living room ideas can make a significant impact, and in interior design, simplicity can be quite effective. As family dynamics and routines evolve, living room furniture, especially seating, serves multiple purposes. Today's sofas are not just for hosting or watching TV. They're also where we eat, work, and play. Therefore, choosing a durable sofa is essential to accommodate these varied activities. 


An L-shaped sofa is an excellent choice for maximizing seating in smaller living rooms. For many, the sofa is the single most crucial piece of furniture in the living area. Beyond just providing seating, sectionals can also act as room dividers, offering both functionality and structure to the space.

Simple Style Living Room Furniture

Contemporary Style Living Room

This style effectively introduces a diverse array of colors and patterns to the living room. It embraces modern trends in furnishings, lighting, and other decor. Recent interior design trends, for example, include colored glass bottles, fairy lights, and stripe patterns. The goal is to weave in art, various patterns, textures, and hues while maintaining a sleek, upscale, and uncluttered look. While you can choose any color palette, it's important to exercise restraint. For bold colors like red, blue, or pink, consider using them sparingly, such as on curtains or a single piece of furniture. This ensures the colors enhance rather than overwhelm the space.

Contemporary Style Living Room Furniture

To Wrap it Up The Different Living Room Styles

 Living rooms act as the hub of our homes - an extension of our personality and a canvas for our creative expression. Each style is unique but share common goals - comfort, beauty and a homey feel. Whether you're inclined towards a minimalist Scandinavian look, earthy tones of Southwestern decor, or elaborate Victorian detailing, there's a treasure trove of inspiration waiting for you to create your dream haven.