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WhatARoom offers some of the finest contemporary furniture anywhere - a gorgeous catalog of Contemporary Furniture that few can match

Contemporary masterpieces by WhatARoom Furniture. All you need to create a contemporary space in your home or office. We offer a gorgeous collection of contemporary furniture including one-of-a-kind Custom Sofas


What defines Contemporary Furniture? You'll know it when you see it in the Showroom - clean, minimalist, monochromatic, and stunningly good looking

Not every piece of contemporary furniture must be monochromatic in color profile; or minimalist, necessarily, but the overwhelming styling of a contemporary furniture piece today fits within a specific segment of the market. We invite you to find your favorite piece of Contemporary furniture by viewing the hundreds of pieces we carry in our showroom and online in our E-Commerce store. 

The clean looks, crisp outlines, and comfortable, timeless design philosophy should be very apparent, as it is a defining feature of furniture in the Contemporary category.


View our beautiful furniture with Contemporary styling and timeless design

Choose from all types of contemporary furniture from dining tables to bedroom furniture, to our custom sofas - made in-house - in the USA. See our fun, good-looking ottomans, coffee tables, and dining chairs with beautiful contemporary style cues and practical but timeless designs and profiles. 


WhatARoom is a Contemporary Furniture Store in San Jose - but we also offer other styles of furniture

View our other collections by style or type by visiting the following PAGE OF FURNITURE BY STYLE.