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Easy Ways to Refresh Your Home for the New Year
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Easy Ways to Refresh Your Home for the New Year

Refresh Your Accents

Focus on updating accents and accessories, while still giving your space a completely new look. Swap in some new throw pillows, hang a new piece of art, or unfurl a new rug. All these little details have a big impact on how your space looks and feels. The best part is that this approach can be as involved or low-lift as you want it to be! You can decide to only replace one or two pieces and leave everything else as is, or you can go all out.

What A Room Furniture - Refresh your accents


Repurpose What You Already Have

Think new year, new perspectives. That means looking at all your furnishings in all your rooms with fresh eyes and seeing if any of your existing pieces can work in different areas in your home.

Maybe it’s time for the rug in your bedroom to switch places with the one in your living room. Or perhaps the shelves you used as a bookcase can be turned into a TV stand.

Take a moment to assess what you already have and reinvest in the possibilities of those pieces.

What A Room Furniture - Repurpose what you have


Reconfigure Your Layout

If moving furniture from one room to another is too much for you, simply change how pieces are laid out in your spaces. For instance, rather than having your sofa against a wall, try floating it in your living room; instead of having your dining table in the middle of a space, consider moving it closer to the wall.

The idea is to find new ways to revel in your space by shifting your own perception of it. Take some time and enjoy seeing where and how your pieces can fit.

What A Room Furniture - Reconfigure your layout

Restyle Your Mix

Commit yourself to a fresh start by re-exploring design styles and furnishings that might not have appealed to you previously. Instead of going for a full furniture set or a matching look, try finding and mixing pieces in different styles that are within your budget. There’s many different styles out there, such as boho, farmhouse, modern, industrial – the list goes on! It’s never easy pushing your own aesthetic boundaries, but you might just discover a few things that you didn’t think you’d love and which mix nicely with some of your other pieces.

What A Room Furniture - Restyle your mix


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