So What Makes A Couch Comfortable? 

You deserve to sit on a sturdy, well-made couch that will last a long time, which is why we make it our duty to deliver you the best product we can. Because consumers won't notice a difference for the first year or two after purchasing our product, we at What A Room are committed to providing the highest quality service and product possible without sacrificing quality for the sake of saving money.

A couch's level of comfort depends on a lot of factors; here at What A Room, we provide our customers greater leeway to choose the perfect sofa for them Everyone has various comfort standards; for example, some may want a firm seat cushion that retains its shape and provides support, while others may prefer a softer, more cloud-like cushion.

What this means is that there are a lot of other factors besides the firmness of the seat cushions (which can be soft, medium, firm, or premium plush-down fill) that can affect how comfortable a sofa is for you. These include things like the sofa's fabric, its height, the depth of the seat, the height of the back, and the fabric choice.

Due to the many variables we first break choices into categories.

  • Low/Standard Back Frame Support
  • High Back Frame Support

After, you must then consider the seating height so that it will give you an idea how you will be sitting on the catch while your foot is down. With that in mind, lower seat height of 16-17” tend to be classified as low profile couches and excels with a deeper seating experience but with a low back frame support. This trades off the design style over comfort as you will be getting a comfortable seating with the additional depth to the sofa.

Typically, a seat height of 18 to 19 inches is recommended for optimal comfort and ergonomics since it provides a higher back support. Some of the more contemporary designs, however, prioritize comfort above form by going for a lower back frame support and a minimalist appeal. Additionally, you can find versions with a taller bck frame, which provides complete support—some even reach the height of your back cushion. These sofas are ideal for people who like to sit up straight and for those who have back problems.

Your choice of seating depth is another factor that goes hand in hand with the sofa's seat height. Due to its low profile build with only 16.5" seat height, models like the Daphne Couch are recommended to go deeper (40"+ frame depth). One great thing about our customizable options is that you may pick the size that fits you best. For example, if you want a slightly shorter frame depth of 38", that's also an option. Customers typically choose the 38" sofa frame depth when purchasing the Alex MCM couch because of the higher seat height of 19" and the higher back frame support of 29".

Now it gets tricky to find out what seating depth will be most comfortable for you. Since the back frame pitch, and seat height can make vast changes to how you will be sitting, we find customers having difficulties figuring out what sofa depth will be worth for them. So we have written a full guide to determine your sofa seat depth and overall couch size here.

Fabrics are also important in determining the couch comfort level. We have sorted over hundreds of fabrics and choose approximately 200 fabric swatches for our customers to select from. This allows the customer to choose the perfect color, texture, & feel to complete your most comfortable couch ever.                               

Now lets talk about quality. One of our core missions for our customers is to provide the best product we can as you deserve sitting on a well made and comfortable couch that will be long lasting. We at What A Room's mission is to provide the best product and customer service we can without going cheap on certain materials as customers will not see the difference for the first 1-2 years.