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Tory PU Counter Stool

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  • Variant: Antique Gray
  • SKU: 4400014-758
  • Weight: 19.0 lb
  • Product Type: Counter Stool


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Unabashedly modern, the Tory Counter height Stool with PU Seating Upholstery is a brilliant reminder of everything that’s tangible and accessible and yet, stark about the modern movement. It is sleek and well thought out; simple, but still has an aura of detailed sophistication. The minimalist ideology strikes the casual observer immediately, and the way the colors harmonize makes this a covert gem in any space. The beautiful natural wood grain plays deftly against the durable, even keeled PU upholstery and proves the point that great furniture can be simple and beautiful without being delicate or fussy. 

Tory has a seating height of 26.5 inches which allows a lot of freedom to pair it with a high-top or a counter, while maximizing it’s stylistic flair and showcasing it’s muted beauty that comes as the casual observer glances just a moment longer. That second look uncovers a brilliant design that tricks the eye and endears the Tory stool to the viewer, and makes it an object of desire, like so many classic modern era furniture pieces that have come before it trailblazing.

The utility is part and parcel for a true modern or mid-century piece, but somehow, the extra daintiness and artful intent isn’t overshadowing for the Tory, it somehow seems more focused on being in harmony with the push and pull of form and function. To use the Tory as furniture, is to recognize the ability to subtly tie two spaces together into a cohesive image that showcases class, and taste, and art, without losing efficacy. 

Dimensions: 19.5"L x 20"W x 37"H

  • Material: Solid Ash Wood
  • Leg Color: Walnut
  • Seat Height: 26.5
  • Assembly Required: Leg
  • UOM: Sold in quantities of 1