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Scandinavian Furniture | You may also like this

Don't let the recent decades of cheaply made furniture lull you into the false concept that Scandinavian furniture is something that has no soul and is made only for college students. True Scandinavian design underlies some of the most relevant and meaningful design movements of the last century. It is characterized by impeccable finishes, unbelievably simple design structures, organic and linear shapes coming together to form solid, low-key, and impactful furniture. This is not something you find in a big-box store. The nuance and simplicity that can be seen on the outward appearance of true Scandinavian design are there because of the sophistication of the design and the ability of the designer to pare down the pieces to nothing more than the essentials. Scandinavian design is about the Essence of a piece and how it can be both beautiful in form, and relevant in function, while still being considered a piece of art as a work of utility. View our other collections by style or type by visiting the following PAGE OF FURNITURE BY STYLE.