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Monolith Custom Sofa & Sectional Collection

The Monolith Custom Sofa & Sectional Collection

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The Monolith Custom Sofa & Sectional Collection is a clean and Contemporary, unassuming, but full of bold impact presence, this is a sofa you can use in any contemporary space to invite guests to stay a bit longer while impressing them with your interior design savvy. The beautiful lines and soft cushions are so inviting, while the low-to-the-ground fascia and slim rectangular feet complete a look that highlights the opulent seating surface while keeping the user enveloped in comfort. A generous square arm structure also goes all the way to the floor, and the cohesive, robust look is a perfect style for any space that needs a bold, fresh makeover. 

We'd use the following concepts to describe the style of the Bridge Collection of Custom Sofas and Sectionals:

Minimalist | Elements of Contemporary and Ultra-Contemporary | Coastal | Monolithic | Standalone | Transitional | Urban | Zen | Beach Vibe | Chic | Timeless