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Bauhaus Furniture | You may also like this

Refined, clinical, and geometric are great words to describe parts of what the Bauhaus movement is - but it only tells a part of the story. To understand Bauhaus, one must experience Bauhaus. It is simple, smooth, restrained and yet, comfortable. An incredible juxtaposition of seemingly impossibly mated characteristics - until you experience Bauhaus. It is the picture of conformity, and yet, it is unabashedly defiant, without losing its temper. We have collected a beautiful array of perfectly precise pieces of furniture that channel the Bauhaus design philosophy, and yet, it's hard to even explain what Bauhaus is defined by - you simply have to see it and experience it to get a full sense of the practicality, beauty, and simplicity of the design. View our other collections by style or type by visiting the following PAGE OF FURNITURE BY STYLE.