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Sleek and made with a certain design precision that speaks for itself, Asian Furniture offers a unique style that incorporates the broader architectural design elements into the furniture. You can find simplicity and harmony throughout most Asian designs, but don't peg this design style into a corner - the diverse cultural influence from myriad Asian countries and cultures can play vibrantly into the design elements as you look throughout the sub-genres. For instance, Chinese and Japanese furniture will have decidedly different takes on similarly defined ages of design. Vietnamese, Malaysian and other furniture designs will alternatively have different build materials. Where you might find a lot of bamboo or Shagreen in Japanese designs, you may find more natural reed and woven textures in SouthEast Asian designs, etc. We invite you to find a perfect Asian-influenced piece of furniture throughout our collection to showcase in your space. View our other collections by style or type by visiting the following PAGE OF FURNITURE BY STYLE.