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Popular Interior Design Styles Defined

July 02 2019 – Ajay Garg

Furniture shopping can be daunting with all the different interior design styles out there. Here’s a quick guide defining the most common styles in the industry. Once you figure out what style you like, you can narrow down the selection and will make shopping much easier.



Rustic furniture immediately brings to mind images of cozy cabins and warm décor. Rustic design is drawn from natural inspiration, using raw and often unfinished elements including wood and stone.

Rustic Style Dining Table


Contemporary design often has clean, sleek lines and is marked by solid colors, predominantly muted neutrals or bold punches of color in furniture and accessories. Furniture is sleek, lower to the ground and often has metal frames or straight legs with an emphasis on basic shapes and forms. Elements such as glass and chrome are easily mixed in.

Contemporary Style Dining Table


Mid-Century Modern

Mid-Century Modern style finds the balance between retro and contemporary design. It is a distinct vintage style with well-known pieces such as the Eames chair and tulip table. Think organic shapes, splayed legs, arch floor lamps, and geometric patterns.

Midcentury Modern Dining Table



Traditional homes often feature dark, finished wood, rich colour palettes, and a variety of textures and curved lines. Furnishings have elaborate and ornate details and fabrics, like velvet, silk and brocade, which may include a variety of patterns and textures.

Traditional Style Dining Table


Transitional furniture is the bridge between traditional and contemporary styles. Transitional style draws on the best elements from traditional, modern and casual styles. Understated patterns and luxurious elements like marble and rich wood add visual pops. Key style details include clean lines, neutral colors, minimal accents and a harmonious flow to the room.

Transitional Style Dining Table